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    Brazil Indiana protest

    -->> Does anyone have intel on what transpired in Brazil, IN today?

    My parents hailed from the Bicknell area, and I still have relation in Jasonville.

    All I have seen so far is what is up on the IndyStar Web page. I didn't catch anything on WTTV evening news, which surprised me.

    What little was shown in the IndyStar pictures made it appear the protestors were not exactly welcomed with open arms... (the non-firearm type I mean) It did appear a few locals responded properly armed.

    Really would like some feedback from anyone in the Brazil area.

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    My son lives about 5 miles north of Brazil and I have heard nothing. Guess it was pretty small but no info at all.

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    I still care....Really
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    Seems that when the snowflakes roll into Urban America the reality of what they are up against comes to light.
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    I heard there were protests in Plainfield today, too, and that they were small and peaceful. That was second-hand info, though.
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