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    Three Gorges Dam in China near collapse?

    Not much in the press about it, but the videos on Twitter are horrifying.

    Nearly 400 million people live in the area. I can't even imagine trying to bug out.

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    Looks like it already collapsed and caused massive flooding. I could never live there let alone take a vacation, just too many people

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    Holy crap! What a disaster. I wonder how much loss of life?
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    Mother Nature decides to pull the chain & flush it all out to sea.

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    President Xi hasn't been seen for awhile. Wonder why?

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    The CCP won´t dare to tell the truth about the death toll. My prayers are with those people. So sad.
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    They've been releasing water for many days now, so I think that flooding is just an appetizer of what it will be when it lets go.

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    It has not collapsed, those pictures are just flood waters
    With so many places beating dicks I think it's gonna hurt dicks bad.

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    I see what ya did there!!!

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