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    Renewable Energy/Battery Storage/Solar Power Get Together?

    I attended a few solar power get togethers before, friendly events where it was mostly end users that exchanged ideas.
    I don't have access to a creek or lake with constant outflow, so my micro-hydro knowledge is limited, but I saw some REALLY creative ideas.

    Being in the river bottom was down south, I don't have the wind resources for larger scale wind, but again some really good ideas came up from those guys.

    I have built/rebuilt generators for both, so I do have some advanced knowledge on that end of things...

    What I could contribute is more than 50 years of knowledge on the electro-magnetic link, the basis for every generator based system.
    I have more than 20 years of experience in solar (photovoltaic panels) and solar thermal (hot fluids/water),
    I also have done many years of technical writing, making instructions & diagrams for the install of products, making important technical information digestable for end users.

    *IF* a group were interested in learning about this stuff collected together,
    (instead of cobbled together from several sources that may, or may not be accurate, have gaps, etc.)
    I would be interested in participating...

    Since there are so many ways to do solar electric, and since I've studied it for a couple of decades (to figure out how I screwed things up ) I could pass those nuggets of information along,
    My wife has volunteered to print out (paper copies!) of diagrams, general information so maybe some handouts for future reference?
    They won't be plastic laminated like she does for my stuff, but then again *MY* specific wiring diagrams wouldn't help someone with different equipment...

    -- The IDEA of laminated, or freezer bag protected final wiring diagrams with part numbers would be passed along, since no one can keep specifics in there heads for 10 years until something needs replaced or breaks down...
    Nothing like a diagram with all your part numbers, notes, warnings in one place protected from the elements, right where you need them!
    One of the best ideas she's ever come up with, and I turned my nose up at it at first, but the longer this equipment runs, the more I value this simple idea!

    About anyone can get the general ideas on their own, but the little ideas are what makes or breaks a system,
    The 'Devil' is ALWAYS in the details, and a get together, exchange of ideas is what makes or breaks a lot of stuff!
    Just knowing what you *CAN* and *CAN'T* get away with is a big deal, and that's what we are talking about...

    Energy production is ALWAYS made or broken by the INFRASTRUCTURE,
    It's not the PV Panels you use, it's the ground mounts or racking, wiring connections that makes the system reliable & repairable...
    I spent the first 3-5 years chasing 'Mistakes', bad connections that corroded, undersize/wrong wiring wasting power, etc.

    It's not the generator you use in micro-hydro, it's the mount for your generator...
    More than one went down stream with floods!

    It's not the generator you use on wind power,
    It's the pole & support you have, the generator doesn't make any power stuck in the mud after a storm...

    Some GREAT ideas have come from the home installers, and those get passed around person to person, no big company passes those ideas along with their products...

    Just an idea, running it up the flag pole to get opinions...

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    Tagged for interest.
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    Hard to make my schedule match everybody else's but I think it's a great idea. I'd have already bought panels from you but we decided that some interior finish work and a garage needed to come first.
    I've looked at the passive solar options for years. Like since the late 70's but just never made it fit into my situation.
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    Interested as well. Would like to gain knowledge I could use on a small scale.

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    I still care....Really
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    Interested. Scheduling is hard. But interested

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    Yeah, I would be interested in this, too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by patience0830 View Post
    Hard to make my schedule match everybody else's but I think it's a great idea. I'd have already bought panels from you but we decided that some interior finish work and a garage needed to come first.
    I've looked at the passive solar options for years. Like since the late 70's but just never made it fit into my situation.
    Every thinking person has given this stuff some thought, but most haven't taken the time to research it to the point they know exactly what works & what doesn't...

    The old timers (before easy insulation) used to put bricks in the south & west walls, kept the incoming heat down in the daytime, released that heat overnight.
    It's called thermal mass.

    Porches shaded windows in high summer sun, let low winter sun in to help heat the house.
    Simple and effective if you know the sun angles and can figure the distance the porch needs to stand away from the home.
    I say porches are great for solar panels, helps offset the air conditioning bills in summer since they are almost always on the south sides.
    We all know what that AC does to the electric bill...

    We pretty much all work on this forum, so everyone can have ideas to input and collect...
    Like I said many times, if you are worried about SHTF and your 'Gun' collection/accumulation is bigger than your gardening tools & home canning tools, you might want to reevaluate your gear...
    I don't shoot everyday, but I eat a few times every day!

    I was just thinking to compile some of this knowledge from guys that do it, everyone has ideas, short cuts, ways to deal with stuff.
    Gears & wires is what I've done all my life, so it's what I can offer.

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