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Thread: Body armor

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gaffer View Post
    "It does. Nothing worse than floppy floppy (as previously mentioned). I've been to a couple of theirs at seelyville and bedford contingent.
    I found it even better after adding trauma pads."

    Same here, one at Seelyville with Slim and two at the Bedford Contingent, one with Slim and one with Nad63. Got my second patch at Seelyville! Man those were so much fun, and I learned so much.

    I know I am about ready for another one, hopefully something next year will come up.
    As long as ammo price drops, or that's an expensive weekend. Still well worth it for the level of instruction we get for the $. Slim and Nigel are the best.
    "You only get smarter by playing a smarter opponent"-Fundamentals of chess 1883

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    I ordered mine yesterday and got my shipment confirm same day, looks like supply is keeping up with demand

    Quote Originally Posted by jinks View Post
    Botach sent an email that they canceled the 25 June order and to reorder. Some of the stuff I ordered was unavailable but the level IV plates were in stock. The order shipped today. They currently show 36 in stock down from over 450 several days ago.

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