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Thread: Tracking stock

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    Tracking stock

    To say I am organized would be a joke. I work at it but it is a severe struggle.

    how do you keep track of what you have stored? Specifically I am thinking of the food stores but easily applies to anything else.

    as I want to keep adding to our stores, but room is getting scarce. I have space in the barns but the temp swings are so extreme that the food would no be good long term. (If I put stuff there, I donít want to have to think about it. Bagged, 5 gallon and then barrel woul keep the rodents out. But not freezing and 100+ temps).

    Time to track closer what we have to determine what we need. Yes, I can do a hand written list. But why not learn from others as I start this journey?

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    It is a struggle for us as well.
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    If you are familiar with Microsoft Excel, you can put everything you put away in the spreadsheet and then you can go back and sort by date or location or type of stores. Its a PIA to get it set up (if you are not an Excel wizard) but makes life very easy once you have committed the time to do it.
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    I found a template already made online years ago that would tell you how many days of food you have for the number of people you have, based on caloric values and caloric output. Serves as a nice inventory sheet as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by churchmouse View Post
    It is a struggle for us as well.
    What recommendations do you have to store things long term but isolate them from temp swings?

    Also (kind of a thread derail but kind of not) what types of things are more sensitive to temp swings?

    As an example - I have the usual things (rice, beans, powdered milk, dried split peas, pasta, powdered cheese) and other items stored in mylar with O2 absorbers and put into containers thst are rodent safe but the containers aren't weather resistant.

    Cammed goods are in the house in the finished basement (conditioned air) but would the dry goods be ok (long term dry goods) in a garage for example? (or in the OP's situation - his barn)

    What do you or the others reading this think?

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    Re: Tracking Stock

    Hopefully the .xls attachment loads ok, .xls in a .zip file. Here's the original template I found online. I find it helpful. Again, I'm not the author and I don't remember where I found it. I've edited my own version to fit my needs. Hope some of you find this helpful.
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