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    Worked out 6 days in a row: 4 weight sessions, 3 three mile runs, 1 fight centric/agility day and one day in the pool. Did some good work this week man. Feeling very hard to kill.

    2 Dryfire sessions. G19, AK and 870

    I trip to the range in the rain. Worked draw to shoot pairs, draw to shoot headshots, shoot and move, reloads and use of cover from kneeling. All G19, finished with J frame and speedstrip reload. Headed over to the rifle line and ran AK74 doing reloads from my chest rig from different shooting positions. Solid hits on steel at 100 yds.

    1 Bushcraft session in the woods: Light ruckmarch (25 lbs), firemaking, tracking, knots, Izzy and CAT application and 10 suppressed shots on a tennis ball sized target at 15 yards. Done.

    Bought 2 bricks of 22 Automatch

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    This week i finished supplying a go bag. Spade, 1st aid kit, water bottle etc. Packed full of goodies. Just waiting on water tablets to arrive.

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    Took the wife and kids on a vacation and enjoyed this world while the light switches still work. While there we ended up taking a very dark bike ride with the kids, and the wife was glad I brought a headlamp, and a pocket flashlight that clipped to my hat. While there we used a tarp I recently won as a door prize at a "hang in" event as a ground cloth on the beach to keep towels clean and dry. It was a couple small wins in displaying to my wife the joys of preparing and thinking ahead a little bit.

    Really been working on lightweight backpacking food options. Partially for prepping, but also trying to cook healthier food while on the trail and this year I'll be taking a week long backpacking trip. Focusing on food that all I have to do is add to boiling water, removing from heat and covering and then waiting 5 - 10 minutes. I've had some great results some dehydrated green beans from amazon, couscous, olive oil, and sprinkling in a little jerky in the mix. Makes a heck of a light weight and filling backpacking meal that's got healthy ingredients. Also had some great results with ovaeasy egg crystals that all I have to do is just add water to mix and then cook up like regular. Wife and kids couldn't taste the difference, and soooooo much more healthy than a comparable mountain house.

    Getting back on the diet. Over vacation, I ate and drank whatever I wanted. Got back Saturday, weighed in Sunday morning for starting weight. Monday morning weigh in was already down 2 pounds. First week results should be good, but I want/need to drop 20 - 30 pounds. I know I can do that in just over 3 weeks based on previous experience, but I have to be focused and intentional on it.

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    Drove out to the Indy property for the 4th. Demolished the falling apart garage, installed a 86 gallon well pressure tank, dropped ammo, arms, and canned goods. Plan to be in really good shape by the end of the year.

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    Been a good while since I posted up in here.
    The spouse has been under siege with medical issues and a series of surgery's. In and out of the hospital etc since the 1st week in January. She is home and on the mend now.
    During all of this I had little time to shop. So we used some of the stores we had put back for such times. Some of the foods are really not to bad. Even the G-daughters were OK with it...sometimes...
    I did let the water reserves get low. Back on track with this as of this week.
    Ordering replacements for some of the better foods we sampled.

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    Stocked up on batteries for flashlights and taught kids some medicinal plants around yard.

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    More ammo! But maybe that's more of an addiction than a prep...
    Thor himself has spoken, mere mortals must make it so. - bradmedic04

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thor View Post
    More ammo! But maybe that's more of an addiction than a prep...
    Yeah thats standard stuff there.

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    I did it a couple of weeks ago, but I have my rechargeable & alkaline AA batteries well organized now. I saw a suggestion on a wranglerstar youtube video that plastic ammo boxes for .50S&W mag fit AA batteries perfectly and they do. I now use charged batteries in one end of the box and replace with freshly charged on the opposite end. When I run out on one side, I reverse directions so I'm also using FIFO on the recharging.

    They work great for keeping alkalines from being jumble and allowing the end to connect so they discharge before you can use them.

    The same trick works for AAA and 5.56x45mm ammo boxes.

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    Maintained current level of combat conditioning with 5 workout sin a 7 day span.

    1 light round of fight nite-strikes, heavy bag etc.

    1 trip to the range to work on AK, G19 and J frame.

    Taught a wilderness survival class, to a bunch of teens, so it was good to sharpen those skills.

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