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Thread: What have you done this week to prep?

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    Put some started plants in my hotbox outside and started a bunch more inside.
    Ordered 2 motorola 350 radios : $58.00 Ebay new
    picked up 20 boxes of elbow macaroni at Kroger for 9.80
    Put some of my stored bulk items in 5 gallon buckets in mylar w/ nitro packs
    More deer feed.
    Orderedd a book: 101 trees of Indiana (sorta prepping)
    Picked up an extra barrel for my 10/22
    Mounted a scope on a rifle, gonna sight it in on sat

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    Picked up some tune up parts for the new BOV. Talked to Smith in Ohio and got the specs for my vault door to pass over to the builder. Kinda hard toget stuff prepared when I know 8 months from now Ill have more space and a better setup to get everything organized the way it should be. But, still doing what I can.

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    I have a buddy who put a safe room in his basement. It is reinforced concrete. Very thick. Ceiling and all. No door yet, and that has been maybe five years ago. One tornado will easily take the contents with it.

    Just for grins, could you send the info on the manufacturer? I would be happy to pass it along and maybe he can get safer (pun intended). I would like to build a room myself, but not where I am at right now.

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    Purchased a weather radio. Added batteries, plugged it in, programmed my county code, verified signal from Indianapolis repeater.

    Garden plants germinating and under lights.

    Rooting a bunch of cloned trees...

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    I am new to prepping so I don't have really much of anything. But this weekend I went with a few buddies that have been prepping and we did some target shooting and training. Defiantly got me thinking more about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Indiana_Dave View Post
    I read that some of the victims in the AZ shooting were saved because a local cop (may have been an EMT - can't remember) took it upon himself to buy 1st aid kits, including clotting material (I think it was Celox) and put it to use.
    How Blow Out Kits Saved Lives in Tucson and Why You Should Carry One

    ITS Tactical Store - ITS ETA Kit – Product Details

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    Rotated by cases of water water supply. Gotta make sure you check the dates and give yourself time to consume the old stock

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    Removed grass for garden #2.
    "Some sports require one ball, skydiving requires both!"

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    Picked up more ammo, a Ka-Bar and getting a 10/22 here in a few minutes

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