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    I don't think I came out ahead in this situation. Wait, what kind of beer do you keep in the fridge?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThrottleJockey View Post
    This week, I bought gas masks (Czech M10Ms), another brick of .22, another knife sharpener, a funnel for the Coleman cook stove and lantern, 20 lbs of sugar, 20 lbs of flour, a gallon of veggie oil, vinegar, couple lbs pasta, and looked for granular pool shock and priced out bulk yeast, ordered seeds from emergency essentials. Pool shock isn't as easy to find in the winter, and just gonna buy a pound of yeast and grow the heck out of it when I need more.

    I've got the basics basically covered I'm not ever going to be happy with the amount of food I have stocked, and need to focus on things like a spare generator, kerosene heater, gas, diesel, batteries to store extra power from when the generator is running......I almost bought an OLD farm generator w/32v glass battery system several years ago, I really wish I hadn't passed that up. That system is so simple it can never fail. It was used by farmers to light the chicken house and milking barns before electricity was commonly in rural areas. Just a VERY basic single cylinder gas engine w/basic magnetotron generator and glass batteries w/lead cores, electrolite and wooden lids! This one had 35 batteries. Everyone buys a generator and gas, but I never hear about anyone having a bank of batteries to store electricity and save gas. You can get deep cycle marine batteries at walmart for about $75 each, a dozen or two would be a varey wise buy for those with generators and don't forget the charger and inverter. One 12v deep cycle can power a computer for days!
    I like your idea about a battery bank. When I lived off the grid, I had a charger hooked to some batteries (Marine type), so when I ran the generator, the extra power was charging the batteries. Then when I turned the generator off, I had an inverter to run things such as lights and fans. I also had a solar panel hooked up to a gel cell for power. One thing I'd think about if your going to buy marine deep calls in quantity is to look a perhaps golf cart batteries, or batteries that are more suited to a back-up 12vdc system. I'm not an expert, but I think that you can get a better charger controller(?) and get a good inverter (unless you're running dc stuff). That way you'll have a more robust system that can have solar or wind easily added. But having a way to store the extra juice from the generator is a very good idea.

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    A year or so ago I was reading about using old forklift batteries being used for storage in an off grid system. It was said they would take a deeper charge and hold it much longer than marine batteries. They were taking the old batteries and reconditioning them and getting another 10 to 15 years out of them. One fellow was using reconditioning submarine batteries. Those things were as tall as he was.

    I wish I could remember where I saw the info, but I can’t.


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    Does picking up an Annihilator(TM) Wrecking Bar count?


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    Does picking up an Annihilator(TM) Wrecking Bar count?
    Ypu, I bought a FUBAR a few years ago and I count it!

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    I got a little extra food to store up and am getting a great large fixed blade.

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    Started a new version of my walk home bag. I got an Alice Pack in a lot of surplus so I went out and bought a frame. Now it is laid out on the table in my safe room with a variety of gear that might go in it.

    I also made plans with my wife to buy more heirloom seeds for next year's gardening and we are making some improvements to the greenhouse.
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    Rotated and ate some older stuff, bought new to replace it, bought a PK 380, picked up 150rd of .380 today and started hunting for a 8kw generator.....
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    I've priced out an 8k/10kmax generator and transfer switch. Purchased a 40 cal Glock and a 20ga slug barrel (due to weight I went with my 20ga 870 over my 12ga). Bought a brick of .22 hollow points and a manual pump that will work on 3&5 gal water jugs...also working on my wife's Ruger 1022 so it ejects mags better.
    I still have a lot to do....oh my ferro rods in the mail the other day too.

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    Kept up the exercise and weight loss! All my preps are worthless if I am fat and out of breath.

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