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    What have you done this week to prep?

    I'm resurecting this thread from the past, asking, what you have done to prep this week?

    I have found myself not preping as much the past few weeks, so I'm restarting this thread to get people talking again.

    As fall turns to winter I find myself thinking about snowstorms and being stranded for days, no electricity, heat, cable , lets chime in about what you do this week to prepare for an event.

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    My wife and I have been cleaning house. We're getting rid of what we don't need, and organizing what we're keeping. Tripping over things in your house during a winter power outage isn't any fun. Keep the clutter down and you'll be thankful for it later.

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    we got our weekly $30 extra of food. i fixed my genny. i put a new multi tool in the bag i keep in my truck. myself and z350 worked on our radio problem wich was to pich them and start fresh.and last i started to work on the new spot for our food storage. felt like alot but after writing it out it was not alot

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    We finished making sauer kraut last Sunday. I had enough cabbage in the garden to make a crock full, and I'd always wanted to try to make it to make some of the garden produce more practical for long term storage.

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    This is the kind of stuff we need to keep us motivated....Thanks, keep em commin! Don

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    We started looking for a new used generator!

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    Picked up 3 more truck loads of wood. Now the hard part of splitting it since I dont have a power splitter any more.

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    Got a new sleeping bag from Cabella's
    2 100 hour candles
    2 small water filters
    small medical supplies
    wool blanket
    strike anywhere matches

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    I finally got around to putting my 50lb bag of rice in to mylar bags and sealed them in 5-gallon buckets with O2 absorbers. Also, trying to get a decent amount " about 25 lbs" of beans in order to do the same.
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    Never ending job.

    More MREs, beefed up the first aid kit with an IFAK and misc. supplies, reloaded 200 rnds of .45acp. It never ends.

    It's always better to be prepared. After your computer crashes is not a good time to make a backup.

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    For many of us, every day is Memorial Day

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    Those not willing to stand behind our troops in defense of our freedom are welcome to stand in front of them.

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