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    How do you keep water from freezing...

    I know that someone is bound to post, "Keep it above 32 degrees!." However, my question is serious. i did a quick search of the water storage posts, and I have read the posts for quite some time in this survival category. From that reading, I know that many store emergency water in many different ways, but now that our first really cold days have visited this year, I want to prevent some of the mishaps others have experienced.

    I have not seen any posts on how people store their water in cars, garage or other cold prone areas, in order to ensure the containers to not burst when the water is frozen.

    How to you store your water in the car, in large barrels in the garage, etc. without them freezing during winter storage?


    Can you filter water in a tin-foil hat?

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    The bottled water we get by the case seems to take freezing well. We'll freeze a couple for a cooler in the summer. No leaks yet. They are in our car's winter kit, inside a ziplock freezer bag (just in case).

    Not sure about larger-scale storage. We just keep 3-4 cases of bottled water on hand right now.
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    I add large amounts of vodka to them.

    Seriously, tho. I keep stuff like that inside with a steady temp. Changing temps, thawing and freezing aren't good for preps and water will go bad. I've never had any in my vehicles freeze up, but I use my garage for vehicle storage so the temps never get that bad. If you're storing it in a place prone to freezing temps, it's gonna freeze on you. You could try insulating large barrels. Other than that...add vodka.

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    Also keep water from sunlight for long term storage, it will promote bacteria growth no matter what the temp.
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    How do you keep water from freezing...

    Drink it!!!

    sorry I could'nt stop myself!!!

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    once it gets to a certian temp there isn't really anything you can do......

    every winter i lose about 6 gallons out of about 65, to burst containers. but they are typically overfilled or in containers which were probly stressed (some of the cheaper milk jugs).
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    Difficult to keep water from freezing...

    The real worry is "can my container take it?"

    As we should all be aware, as water freezes, it expands. Ever blow up a pop-can or beer bottle in your freezer?

    If you use regular plastic bottles, still factory sealed, it won't take too many freeze/thaw cycles and you'll have useless water storage. They'll develop holes and cracks.

    If you're storing tap water...or are collecting water, you can add bleach to it to help kill some of the baddies.

    0.5tsp for 5 gallons.
    8-10 drops per gallon.

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    I will put my large water storage stuff indoors for the winter, and I remember using the milk jugs to make ice for our coolers as a kid. They always split. That is the reason why I wondered if anyone had some miracle container or method to store water in cars or garages that did not suffer the same bursting fate as everything I have thought of so far.

    I liked the "drink it" post. I failed to see that one coming.
    Can you filter water in a tin-foil hat?

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    Alcohol and salt will both lower the freezing temp, but will need to be boiled or filtered out to use, I'm not sure but I believe storing it in a pressurized container will also lower the freezing temp. but not sure what to use or what psi is effective........

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    My grandma had an old wood barrel that she caught rainwater in. She would put a wood post in the barrel in the winter and always said the ice would crush the post and wouldn't break the barrel. I'm not sure if she knew what she was talking about, but she had the same rain barrel for a lot of years. It might be worth a try on a small scale, like a dowel in a milk jug of water. It wouldn't keep it from freezing, but it might save the container.

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