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    Bloomington, some here would argue it's like Beijing.
    Quote Originally Posted by jeremy View Post

    I was thinking something close to that... But mine was Guns, Booze, Women, and Food...
    Guns, Women, Booze, Food: If the women are hot.
    Guns, Booze, Women, Food: If not!

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    back home we have 18 acres, plenty of railroad ties and old tubing combined with barbed wire would make a secure area. we'd fence off the house and lake. I have enough food, water and vitimans to last 2 weeks. I figure if I can survive 2 weeks after shtf I should have a couple spare boxes of ammo to buy a trade for a tank of gas to make it home. Otherwise it's 7-9 day on foot.
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    Have a year supply of food, water, and ammo to protect your food and water.
    Quote Originally Posted by PaulF View Post
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    I have posed the same question. My guess is that in a prolonged SHTF situation, most decent, God loving people will be dead within 90 days. I think I have less than a 50% chance of making it past 90 days. I have a warrior spirit so I won't go gently into that good night, but I will ultimately sucumb just like everyone else.

    Let's look at all the forces working against you.


    1. Whatever the event is that causes the SHTF will kill some folks.


    1. Anyone on life prolonging meds (i.e. insulin) will be sick or dead within days of running out of those meds. You can't just stockpile meds - many have shelf lives or environmental conditions that must be met.
    2. Anyone in the hospital or long care facility will be dead within hours or days.
    3. Anyone under direct doctor's care for a chronic condition (diabetes, dialysis, etc) will be dead within weeks or months.


    1. Even if you make it to the 90 day mark, most of the people you know and love will not. This will lead to depression even in people that have never suffered it.
    2. Anyone suffering from or succeptible to depression will lose the will to live very quickly.
    3. You will most likely have to move from familiar surroundings in order to survive.


    1. If you don't have access to clean, potable water you'll be dead in a week.
    2. Water from a waterway is unsafe unless you are at the headwater.
    3. Ground water may or may not be safe. Most people lack the ability to test water for unsafe microbes and bacteria.
    4. You may have to kill somone who is contaminating your water.


    1. Lack of food will debilitate you within 2 weeks and kill you within 30 days.
    2. Prey and farm animals will die at a rate higher than that of humans making hunting, fishing and consuming raised animals a short term capability.
    3. Once you run out of food you'll have to kill someone else for theirs.


    1. You cannot count on access to gasoline, diesel, natural gas, propane, heating oil, or other combustible material not in your immediate control at the time of the SHTF event.


    1. If you can't do exhaustive exercise now you won't be able to do it under the stress of a SHTF scenerio.
    2. If you sustain an injury that gets infected but you don't have antibiotics, tetnus shots, etc, you could die.


    1. Most people have never pointed a gun at someone and pulled the trigger.
    2. You will burn through 1K rounds in about 2 hours of any sort of organized assault against you if you have to protect yourself.
    3. Most people cannot defend themself against 1 aggressor, let alone 3 or 30.
    4. Somone shooting at you will have automatic weapons, supperior firepower, and training to kill you.


    1. If you are not around your stuff when SHTF it will not do you any good.
    2. Even if you have prepped you have half of what you need.
    3. If you can't carry it with you it's not yours anymore.
    4. 99% of people will be totally unprepared. Many of them will kill you for your stuff.
    5. None of your family will be prepared, but will expect you to share your supplies to save them.

    These are just some issues that you'll face. You need to be able to address every one of these issues, and many, many more.

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    It occurs to me that the Middle Ages were a major SHTF scenario, and we got through it.

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    Apples and oranges. Yes, it was a SHTF situation. However, the difference between then and now is that people of the times were much stronger, used to living with nothing, and just flat out died when they got sick. London was the largest city in the world with a population of 60,000 people. People lived in thatch huts and grew and raised their own food. They were already living for survival. They didn't have to learn to live without running water, electricity, automobiles, etc.

    Quote Originally Posted by Josh Smith View Post
    It occurs to me that the Middle Ages were a major SHTF scenario, and we got through it.

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    Semper Fi - Are you / were you a Marine?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DanO View Post
    Semper Fi - Are you / were you a Marine?

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    I agree with SemperFiUSMC IF shtf IS a MAJOR Historic catastrophe. Meteor the size of a small town hits the earth, multiple nukes, super swine/bird flu...many won't make it the first day. We just do what we can, store food,water, make plans. My worst fear IS that the SHTF while at work, out of town, etc. But , we still have lives to live,earn a living, save for retirement in case NOTHING happens (imagine that)Don't worry about it too much
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    Semper fi ought to just lay down and die right now.
    Lets see;Some will die in the initial S hitting it,anyone on meds that keep em alive, in a hospital or a long term care facility will be dead. Even those that prep will be dead because they were stupid and didn't prep but half of what they needed,. Those in poor physical or mental condition, without clean water, food or shelter,or enough bullets wiil be dead also.

    "I have a warrior spirit so I won't go gently into that good night, but I will ultimately sucumb just like everyone else."
    You're already dead.
    Positive mental attitude will keep body and soul together better than a defeatist "I'm gonna die in the end no matter what I do" philosophy.
    Unless you are one of the life saving meds folks. If that's the case I'd have a plan to break into the nearest pharmacy, heavily armed, to get what I needed to survive as long as I could.

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