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    INGO HAM Radio Club

    I don't know about everyone else out there, but I would like to become involved with radio communications club. I can't think of a better group of folks that I would like to learn the basics from.

    What do yal think?

    Greater Indianapolis Area
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    I would be in, I am wanting to get my HAM license and have started to look at stuff on line.

    Good idea.

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    I have only been at it a year, it is a lot to take in. Start taking the free online practice tests. Unless you want to drop some big money on a radio up front I would buy a Yaesu FT-2900 Its 75w mobile unit, that with a cheap arrow antenna will get you into more repeaters than you will need.

    I am just finishing up a quad antenna that may get me to Indy from Fort Wayne, so I can join in once you guys get set up.

    I am going to start studying for the General test. An Ingun 40 or 80 meter net would be interesting.

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    I'm looking for a location near Fishers/Noblesville I can give my "Radio Communications during an Event" talk again. And as I mentioned previously
    If that goes well and there's enough Interest I would be willing to teach a technician license class. I think that meeting four Saturdays for about three hours each should be enough to help a group of folks pass their technician class license.

    If there's even more interest I could be convinced later to do a General License class. But that's further down the road. Not enough Technicians here to make it worth while yet I think.

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    I think the voices in my head are keeping secrets from me.

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    I've heard from people who've done it (SirRealism) that it's just a lot of old guys talking over long distances about their radio setup.
    I'm surrounded by a lot of women in this department. And that includes the men.
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    and interested

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    Quote Originally Posted by henktermaat View Post
    I've heard from people who've done it (SirRealism) that it's just a lot of old guys talking over long distances about their radio setup.
    That is a generally true statement for those on HF (<30 MHz) but you will find that the VHF-UHF frequency users usually engage in everyday conversation as one would on the telephone. There are some exceptions on HF, I personally enjoy working 40 meter CW (Morse Code = Continuous Wave) and generally exchange the above mentioned information concerning the radio used, antenna, weather etc. but not exclusively. Often times you find others with common interests and converse at length.
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    I might be interested. I do not talk much but use my radios mostly during foul weather. 73s de N9ZYE
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    I am certainly interested. I have no equipment, and I am just looking for a place to take the exam to get licensed. However, I would like to learn from those who know, and INGO is the reason I began to seriously consider getting started.

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