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Thread: Indiana Militia

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    Indiana Militia

    I found these guys on the web. Indiana Militia - Indiana's Original Homeland Defense

    After checking out their site I was little concerned. This seems like a good idea but are these guys a little radical or what. Does anyone have any experience or information on them? I really like the comments and discussions on this site and value everyone’s opinion and would like to get a good thread going. I especially would like to hear from LEO's

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    Militias tend to be private affairs, usually ran by one person (a personality rather than right/politic based). From what I observed of various militias, they are usually a hotbed for radical or strange behavior/ideals. Racism is a strong cursory idea with some but not all (particularly in the South) or are watched heavily by Federal groups (Michigan Militia).

    In my view, a block watch concept is more powerful than a standing militia because of it's ideal based, rather than personality based situation. Personally, I am not too sure about joining up with a militia. In my opinion, militias (or those attributed to them) concern themselves more with taking out the government over a bill they dont like, rather than preventing the bill through grassroots political action. Their (Indiana Militia) site has an interesting FAQ, however, I deeply doubt the ability of complete strangers (at least those in the service are with one another day in day out) to organize successfully if the SHTF.

    The Indiana site is sort of strange. They want you to fill out an application and "send it in". I am not too sure about sending a guy my info. If the personality in which many of these groups are centered fails or is a nut job, when they raid the guy's house, guess who is going to be detained next due to evidence connecting you with them? Not saying Indiana Militia leaders would, but its always something to worry about.

    I am not against organization, but I am not terribly sure of this group or any "militia". Form a group based on a common concept (like a block watch) instead. Organize friends and family into a working unit, but not complete strangers from over the I-net.
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    I wonder if this militia helped out during the recent floodings across our state.

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    You have an excellent point on the application process. No way would I give that kind of info out with some guarantee of privacy. Also these guys have got to be on some federal agency watch list somewhere.
    I don't want to overthrow the government like some of these militia’s might suggest but some kind of system in place if government fails. Katrina comes to mind but on an even bigger scale, it would be comforting knowing someone’s got your back. The idea of a block watch is good but with roving gangs and blackwater types, large numbers would have a distinct advantage.
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    I have to concur with this statement. Trust, especially in such times as civil unrest and other state of emergencies, is something that is not only mandatory, it's imperative. Submitting my information over the internets is not something I do lightly, especially if it's for something that could put my name onto a cause or organization. My name is only one thing I really have, and you can ask Al Pacino what the other item(s) are.

    Living in an apartment complex, Block watch isn't really something that would be THAT probable considering apartment complexes, unless gated, leave unlimited avenues of approach. I never see, hear from, or talk to my neighbors... So, in that sense, BersaGirl and I are on our own. However, with only a few avenues of approach around buildings, we could contain our own area pretty easily if we were up on 2nd or 3rd Level.

    Housing additions or established neighborhoods would have a bit of an easier time, considering that the areas are a bit more "fortified" if you will, with fences, Water, etc.

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    My SHTF watch program consists of three tubes (interior coated PVC to prevent chlorination) filled with one Mosin M44 (the bayonet still attached), 200 rounds of Bulgarian heavy ball (in shotgun hull bags for easy carry and load), a watch with battery removed, flashlight, extra batteries, matches, whistle, map of neighborhood (taken from Google Earth and laminated), a notebook for reports, etc... stashed away. In case of emergency, tubes are opened, good first aid kit (with hemostatic and other goodies and first aid instructions), etc...three tubes for three people, 8 hour shifts for a constabulary watch program.

    I live in Avon, so the subdivision I live in is relatively open, but the borders of the neighborhood are defined, so that a small watch program is capable. Not a standing militia, but I think it will do if it all falls apart.

    Silent: A block watch would not work for an apartment complex, that is true. With so much traffic in and out, it just simply wont work. Apartment complexes would most likely degenerate into sectarian violence if the SHTF. I would bug out in that case, but thats me. Hey, at least you know where to go for "safety" .

    If it all goes bad, I do need population for my Avon Military Shogunate (or after 5 years of relative peace, the Avon Independent Duchy). Need an elected council and constables (who are also voted).
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    Bugging out would be a possibility, but the only places I could bug out to, would be back INTO town with my parents (Who live in an Established neighborhood) or south near Bloomington with my Brother, who may or may not allow such a retreat into his house for multiple reasons.

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    A past Grand Pubah or general or something of the Indiana Militia is currently serving time in federal prison for conspiracy to commit murder of another member of the IM. Details I don't remember but I met this guy on the way to Knob Creek one year and talked for a long time with him. He is a real nut job IMO. He's where he needs to stay. This is not a condemnation of the militia itself as it mat of changed since then I don't know.
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    I found this link on the indiana militia web site. The supreme comander of the IMC is the editor of this site. I also heard something similar about the past leadership. I like the answer on the FAQ page relating to how many members. I bet maybe 10 at the most.
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    As far as "watch lists" go, everyone on this site is on at least one, as are all other people who own guns, shoot, show an interest in either, and especially those who compete.

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