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    Institutional Inbreeding: Pop the Dogma Bubble by John Meyers

    This is from the Gorilafritz Knowledge dump. Not sure who the guy who wrote it is, and he seems a little too Alex Jones for my taste, but it is very relevant.

    Institutional Inbreeding: Pop the Dogma Bubble by John Meyers | ZeroGov

    I have literally been where it is that he talks about regarding getting all of your information from one group or person. The best thing that ever happened to my training and advancement was branching out. Sooo many of my early beliefs have evolved. He actually covers a bunch of them. There are a couple of threads going on right now that this article meshes with.
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    Worth a couple minutes to read. Thank you for posting.
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    I can't say I disagree wiyh the guy. This is more-or-less the overall philosophy from which I have approached training since I started taking classes. I like to get multiple perspectives on the same problem. Where I focus needs to be relevant to my life and the problems I'll encounter. And I try to train with the tools I'm most likely to have.

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