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    Quote Originally Posted by Vigilant View Post
    Good article, but the responses are much of the same. Trainers badmouthing other trainers, and BTDT trainers putting down non-BTDT trainers. If a person is a good teacher, they donít necessarily have to have BTDT to teach the skills needed to perform a task.
    Very good post by Aaron Barruga in the comments section.
    Michael Swisher

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    Quote Originally Posted by cedartop View Post
    Very good post by Aaron Barruga in the comments section.
    I guess we read that comment differently? I read it as he was putting down the not-BTDT guys that just got the minimum of .gov service and started teaching? I will re-read and evaluate, as he is one of the guys I do respect as a trainer.

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    This looks to be a cash grab from me, Interested to know why Clint Smith was not tapped for this he is my first pick for Training currently.
    Quote Originally Posted by MCgrease08 View Post
    Dude, from what I can tell from your photos, you don't do anything bargin bin.

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    Since I'm no longer actively teaching classes, I've got the "interesting, but this could cause new troubles and exacerbate existing problems as easily as it remedies some perceived problems" opinion right now.

    Were I teaching regularly, especially if I were trying to make money doing it (very difficult), I would pay close attention to this and similar organizations that will inevitably arise in the near future. I can a future when not having the seal of approval would do more harm than having it would actually help.

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