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Thread: MALC Training

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    MALC Training

    I did a little searching for this training group. There is not a whole lot on here regarding their training. Do we have anybody with experience with them. The cost of their training is pretty low for most classes, which is a good thing for me. I am curious to hear opinions. Thanks!
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    Took a class on understanding and controlling fear last year. It was "ok."
    Covered some things I haven't heard elsewhere, and didn't cover some things I might have expected.
    I followed up with the instructor via email with a question after class - no response.
    It was ok for what it was. Still undecided whether I would train with MALC again or not.
    It would depend on the uniqueness of the material, I think.
    In my case, no one else (that I knew of) was offering anything on managing fear locally.
    However, for firearms training (where there are other local options), I'd probably train with someone else.
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    Contact your elected officials. It takes a few seconds.

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