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    Revere's Riders Pistol "Pop-Up" Target, Mar 9, 2019

    Revere's Riders will again be running an event at the Camp Atterbury Pistol "Pop-Up" target range on Mar 9, 2019. This event is held on the US Army pistol qualification range on the MILITARY SIDE of Camp Atterbury; civilians are only able to use this range via attending events such as this. You will be able to shoot the official US Army pistol qualification course (APQC). Other courses of fire may be available to us depending on what is loaded to the target system computer (we can use any COF loaded to the target system computer, but are prohibited from creating our own COFs).

    The "Pop-Up" target ranges at Camp Atterbury utilize polymer simulated torso targets that lay flat and then "pop-up" when activated by the computerized target system. The targets sense a bullet strike and immediately fall back down; if no hits are sensed, the target will fall down after a period of time according to the computerized COF. These targets offer much more realistic practice than paper targets on a static range; targets are arranged at various distances from 5 to 30 yards as well as spread out laterally. You will need to recognize a target as it appears, align your sights on the target and then score a hit before the programmed time for the target has expired.

    Note that there is NO INSTRUCTION at this event.

    The recommended prerequisite is Revere's Riders Pistol 100 or similar course in order to fire from the low-ready position. We will also be allowing participants to draw from the holster (no appendix, small-of-the-back, shoulder holsters, etc.), but you MUST be competent and have had prior training in drawing from the holster to do so. All those desiring to draw from the holster will be required to demonstrate their technique prior to being allowed to do so; the event instructors/RSOs will have final say on whether you will be allowed to draw from a holster. Revere's Riders Pistol 145 would fulfill the appropriate training requirement to draw from the holster for this event.

    More event information, required/recommended equipment and online ticket sales can be found on the Revere's Riders website:

    To get a better idea of what it is like shooting on this range, watch the below YouTube video from one of our 2018 events:

    Revere's Riders

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    one happy gunner happygunner's Avatar

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    This looks fun and relaxing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by happygunner View Post
    This looks fun and relaxing.
    This is always a fun event and a great test of ones reaction times.
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    Here's a few tidbits of experience from a previous adventure:
    • <=10 rounds/mag and you better be good at mag changes AND accurate
    • Keep shooting till the threat is gone (sometimes that means a head-shot, even at 30m)
    • <= 9mm and you'll probably need to hit 'em repeatedly (true story)
    • Bring as many mags as you can. AND make friends to help reload mid-scenario.

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