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    How NOT to brace your rifle (with demonstration)

    Do think about how to/not to brace your rifle for extendedShots? Today's post is about the impact of resting a rifle on

    the barrel vs the hand guard.

    Video link below if you would like to watch this demonstrated.

    Regardless of your application, it is important to know where

    Your shots will land. If you zero your rifle while bracing off
    the hand guard (there may be a difference between free float vs

    non-free floated) you have zeroed the gun to that condition.

    Putting pressure on the barrel will cause it to flex, this will
    Cause a shift in your point of impact. The amount of pressure
    Determines the amount of shift. In the video linked above, you
    will see a 3-4 inch shift in point of impact. That much shift at

    50 yards is significant. Not to mention other factors that could
    Throw off a shot.

    This may seem obvious to some people, but i believe it is worth
    demonstrating. It isn't unfathomable to think of a situation where
    You may get caught up in the moment and forget. A couple examples
    Could be bracing off barricades during a class (or two-way range)
    Or a hunt.

    Take your rifle to the range and test this for yourself. Play with different
    amounts of pressure and different angles.

    Thank you for taking the time to read/watch.
    Opie Smith - "Sharpen your skills"

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    That is a great example of how the groups will change at extended ranges under different conditions. Nice job.

    Opie Smith - "Sharpen your skills"

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