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    Tim Herron Shooting: Practical Performance 23-24May20 MeadHall Range Mcloud OK

    Understood it isn't in Indiana but a great opportunity to train with a USPSA Grand Master and all around great guy at an awesome range. Yes I am biased since it is my range LOL
    Course cost is 465 and range fees are included in the course cost.

    Classes consist of 10-12 students, and are normally two days long. Classes are focused on the practical shooting skills that will help you more confidently plan, tackle, and shave time from your stages. While this class does contain some advanced fundamentals, the class is mostly dynamic and stage oriented. Because this class doesn’t include a great deal of “firing line” type fundamentals training, we wont burn through ammo like a regular class. Therefore, the round counts are bit lower than what you might have seen at traditional 2-day classes in the past – we will make them count. I am a firm believer that when it comes to proper practice, quality is much more important than quantity, so this class will also cover principles of efficient practice, and how to structure your practices to identify and address your weaknesses.

    Space allowing, we will set up a full stage, for students to run through at the beginning of class. The stage will include a number of elements such as entries and exits, opportunities to shoot on the move, awkward positions, close and far targets, and high risk arrays. This first run through will be an assessment tool, helping the instructor to figure out your shooting style and where improvements can be made. Throughout the class we will occasionally revisit this stage, and use parts of it to isolate and develop skills, and set up drills.
    In addition, we'll be covering the following topics:

    Day 1
    1. Overview of gear setup/optimization
    2. Small discussion on grip/stance/draws
    3. Group shooting
    4. Dot drills w/o timer and w/ timer
    5. Discussion/demo on importance of trigger control and sight management
    6. Transitions
    7. Sight deviation and acceptable risk
    8. Reloads/Unloaded starts/Table starts
    9. Putting it all together (4 aces, El Prez, Accelerator)

    Day 2
    1. Movement (side to side, downrange/uprange)
    2. Positioning and how to set up properly (barricades, ports, leans)
    3. Entries/Exits
    4. Importance of having gun up ready to shoot ALWAYS
    5. Stage planning (visualization, self talk)
    6. Stage shooting and performance improvement and evaluation

    Round Counts: The round counts provided are SAFE ESTIMATES. You may not shoot all of them. If you want to bring twice as many, that's up to you. If you can only afford to bring half as much, give me a heads up and we'll adjust accordingly.

    Equipment: Please, please, PLEASE make sure you have working, proven equipment, ammunition that runs, spare batteries (if you have an optic), and a backup if you think you'll need it. Malfunctions and consistent issues hinder your ability to learn, and you'll be wasting good money on a learning experience that's punctuated by gun or ammo problems. I hate to see students lose out on knowledge and training because of equipment issues. I cannot stress enough - I want you to get the most out of any class that you can - please make sure your equipment is running, zeroed, and proven.

    Sustainment: You can't live without water, it's probably a fact. There’s a huge mental component to shooting. Please bring enough water and food to keep you and your brain going.

    About Tim Herron

    Tim has been a GM since 2014, has won numerous national single stack titles, and continues to shoot enthusiastically, always pursuing improvement. Tim has been instructing since 2015, and loves working with people of all skill levels. His finely tuned eye for detail and personal "trial and error" experience gives him the ability to spot inefficiencies and that many people overlook. His teaching style focuses on an individuals strengths and weaknesses, and he teaches classes with the sole goal of making sure no student feels left behind, ignored, or treated differently, regardless of their abilities or equipment. Tim fosters an atmosphere of fun and personal development, making a personal investment in the improvement of every shooter.

    Tim Herron is a USPSA Grand Master in both Single Stack and Limited division, with experience in defensive shooting, IDPA, Steel Challenge, bullseye and target shooting, Bianchi, and the occasional trick shot. Titles include, but are not limited to:
    2018-USPSA Handgun National Championships Single Stack Division Top 10 (7th overall)
    2018-New Mexico High Desert Classic Single Stack Champion
    2018-Illinois Sectional Single Stack Champion (4th consecutive title)
    2018-Kansas Sectional Single Stack Champion (3rd consecutive title)
    2018-3rd overall USPSA Single Stack Classic Nationals
    2018-3rd overall USPSA Battle in the Bluegrass
    2017- Top 16 USPSA Single Stack National Championships
    2014, 2017- USPSA Area 4 HOA SS Division Champion
    2014, 2016-USPSA Area 3 HOA SS Division Champion
    2013-2017- 5 time MO State USPSA Single Stack Champion

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    I've been to a few classes at Meadhall. Excellent facility, that is bringing in some top-notch instructors. Lots of steels, movers, turners, great bathrooms.

    Disclaimer: I am friends with the owner. It doesn't change the fact the facility rocks.

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