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    Marty Brown Memorial Invitational -- Nov. 16-17, 2019 (Camp Atterbury, IN)

    The 3rd Annual Marty Brown Memorial Invitational (MBMI) is scheduled for Nov. 16-17, 2019 at Camp Atterbury near Edinburgh, IN. The MBMI is the second of our annual Marty Brown Memorial events designed to remember Marty Brown and raise money for Ovar'coming Together, a non-profit ovarian cancer charitable organization located in Indianapolis.

    Our first event was the Inaugural Marty Brown Memorial Open (MBMO) held in August. The MBMO was held at the Bedford Contingent near Bedford, IN and was attended by 33 participants. The event was styled after Revere's Riders unique Whittermore Weekend event which includes pistol instruction on one day and rifle instruction on the other. The MBMO raised over $7,000 which was donated to Ovar'coming Together.

    The MBMI is an informal known-distance 3-position shooting competition on the rifle ranges at Camp Atterbury. 50% of your ticket purchase (less event expenses) will again be donated to Ovar'coming Together to support their ovarian cancer programs. By attending this event you will help show that firearms enthusiasts genuinely care about their fellow citizens and support good causes.

    If you have never shot on the Camp Atterbury military ranges, you are truly missing out on one of premier firearms facilities in the United States. These ranges are where the NRA National High Power Championships were held this past summer. Camp Atterbury is an active military base and you are likely to be sharing the facility with active duty troops on other ranges practicing marksmanship with their issued rifles, pistols, machine guns, etc. One year we even witnessed strafing runs by A-10s while on base.

    The competition will follow the Revere's Riders Rifle Qualification Test and will be shot at known-distance (100-400 yards). Trophies will be presented for High Score and Tactifail (most useless crap on your rifle; bonus points if you win this trophy and transfer a piece of useless crap from your rifle to the trophy!). Please note that this is an informal competition intended to celebrate and remember Marty Brown; if you want hard-core competition, then come to the 2020 NRA National High Power Championships instead.

    The MBMI is by invitation ONLY. If you are interested in participating, please contact the event director, Phil Brown, for an invitation. An invitation will require satisfying the event director that you can be trusted as safe with your rifle and that you are capable of holding steady enough with only a sling for support to hit a standard US Army "dog target" at 400 yards from the prone position.

    Bruce Williams
    Revere's Riders

    Master Rifleman (48/50)
    XI Virginia Regiment, Morgan's Rifle Corps
    Well Regulated

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    This will be a FUN and INFORMAL competition on the MILITARY side ranges at Camp Atterbury. Contact Phil Brown for your invitation to the event before the ticket price goes up by $50 after 10/18 (be prepared to convince him you are safe with your rifle and can hold about 4 MOA accuracy from the prone position with only a loop sling for support). Tickets sales will be close on 11/1.

    We have a BUNCH of quality items that will be put in a silent auction, given away or awarded as prizes in skills contests. This includes but isn't limited to the following:

    • Mossberg 590A1 Retrograde shotgun
    • SCCY CPX-3 pistol with Revere's Riders logo custom engraved on the slide and "SCCY Blue" polymer frame
    • LWRC AR-15 upper receiver
    • Rock River Arms AR-15 upper receiver and build kit
    • Hodgdon $250 gift card
    • Timney Triggers $200 gift card
    • Vortex Diamondback 3.5-10x50 scope
    • Vortex Diamondback 3-9x40 scope
    • Vortex Crossfire 12x50 binoculars
    • Ted Nugent signed memorabilia
    • Indy Arms 6 month range memberships
    • Crimson Trace CWL-300 tactical light
    • Promag Archangel QBD (for Ruger 10/22 Takedown), Precision (for Ruger 10/22) and Precision Elite (for Remington 700) stocks
    • OKC survival knife set
    • Benchmade Bugout knife
    • Kershaw Shuffle knife
    • ATI Strikeforce (for Ruger 10/22) stock
    • Aliengear $75 gift card
    • Gun Tote'n Mamas concealed carry purse
    • Spent Rounds jewelry
    • Voodoo Tactical rifle bags, pistol cases and backpacks
    • Adco Sales red dot sight
    • Signed copy of "Mekong Mud Dogs" by Sgt. Ed Eaton
    • and more!

    Watch for "MBM Donation of the Day" posts on the Revere's Riders website as well as our Facebook and Twitter feeds for more details. Better yet, subscribe to the Revere's Riders email newsletter and get all the news in your inbox plus notices of upcoming events in the state(s) of your choice; newsletter sign-up form is in the footer of the Revere's Riders website.

    Check out the 2nd Annual Marty Brown Memorial Invitational gallery for photos from last year's event.

    Bruce Williams
    Revere's Riders

    Master Rifleman (48/50)
    XI Virginia Regiment, Morgan's Rifle Corps
    Well Regulated

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    still a week + to get signed up for this event. If you have attended a basic rifle for Reveres Riders or Appleseed shoot me a PM for a possible invite to this event.

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