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    USCCA Certified Instructor course--Fort Wayne

    This is your chance to obtain this valuable certification to start your own instruction business, or to bolster your current teaching abilities with the outstanding USCCA Certified Instructor curriculum.
    Take this unique opportunity to attend this hard-to-find course in a Friday-Saturday setting! Be back home by Sunday.
    Become one of the few instructors in the Fort Wayne area!
    Very accessible to the northern half of Indiana, and SW Michigan.

    Friday, January 10, 8:30am-6:00pm
    Saturday, January 11, 8:30am-4:00pm

    Class is limited to 12 students. Act fast to reserve your spot.
    Contact me at:

    Hosted in Fort Wayne, IN with easy interstate access.
    Meeting at Wyndham Hotel conference room,
    5750 Challenger Pkwy., Fort Wayne.
    Discounted hotel room rate available.
    Many dining establishments close by.

    $347 for the two-day classroom Instructor course.
    $250 purchase of the Instructor Toolkit from the USCCA to equip you for your first teaching class.
    Upon successful certification, your toolkit will include:
    --10 copies of the USCCA Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals textbook
    --the classroom PowerPoint presentation
    --a classroom poster
    --10 copies of the USCCA Concealed Carry Magazine to present to your own students
    --USCCA Instructor polo shirt
    --USCCA Instructor hat
    --the necessary e-learning module for you to complete 2 weeks prior the Certified Instructor classroom training
    The e-learning program will instruct you thoroughly in the USCCA curriculum and how it is to be taught.

    Upon successfully completing this course, you will become a USCCA Certified Instructor, uniquely authorized to teach the USCCA courses:
    --Concealed Carry Fundamentals
    --Home Defense Fundamentals
    --Basic Handgun
    These courses have become the gold standard across the United States for law-abiding Americans seeking to obtain their concealed carry license. As a USCCA Certified Instructor, you will be trained and equipped to provide world-class instruction to students.
    You will have access to professional classroom materials, including a full set of PowerPoint presentations and classroom videos.

    During this two-day training course, you will be taught by a USCCA Training Counselor on a number of valuable topics, including:
    --the top ten instructor mistakes, and how to avoid them
    --teaching best practices
    --learning styles of students
    --presentation and practices
    --safe classroom characteristics
    --running a safe live-fire range

    You will also have a chance to demonstrate your knowledge of the USCCA training material through a series of short presentations to a group of your peers, as well as running a live-fire range, guiding your peers through the safe completion of the USCCA course of fire.
    After completion of this course, you will not only be intimately familiar with the USCCA training methodology and materials, you will be a far better instructor and presenter, regardless of the topic of choice.

    This is not a "rubber-stamp" course where you merely attend to get a certification.
    A good attitude of being a learning is a huge plus!
    Give yourself plenty of time to go over the e-learning modules more than once to become deeply familiar with the curriculum that you will be teaching.
    Doing this work WILL pay off for you!
    You WILL be doing presentations in class on the material to build your skills and confidence, and yes, to iron out weaknesses.

    Do not miss this opportunity!

    Benefits of being a USCCA Certified Instructor
    --You will be able to advertise yourself and your classes under the USCCA brand, and will be prodded with USCCA logos for print materials, your website, social media, and apparel.
    --Your name and classes will be advertised on the USCCA website at no cost to you.
    --Your classes will be referred to those in search of a class near you by the USCCA Member Services team.
    --You will be able to provide your students with a USCCA certificate of training to they are able to apply for a CCW permit in their home state.
    --You will be able to earn commission on any students of yours that you refer to join the USCCA.
    --You will be afforded premium discounts on bulk textbook purchases starting at 46% for 1 case, 50% for 2 cases, 54% for 3 or more cases of Concealed Carry & Home Defense Fundamentals. Plus, free shipping (average of $20 per case).
    --You will be able to purchase a case of the latest issue of Concealed Carry Magazine, the ultimate resource for self-reliant citizens, to give to your students. You will receive an 83% discount off the cover price per issue. Plus, free shipping.
    --You will be able to purchase additional USCCA branded curriculum at a discount and add certifications to your teaching ability, such as Emergency First Aid Fundamentals & CPR, Women's Handgun & Self-Defense Fundamentals, and Countering the Mass Shooter Threat.
    --You will have unrestricted access to the USCCA Instructor Portal where you will find presentation support videos, lesson plans, registration forms, student quizzes, state supplements, and more.
    --You will be qualified to apply to become a USCCA Training Counselor and certify other instructors.
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    Don't miss this opportunity!
    Start the new year by becoming a Certified Instructor with the USCCA.

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    Does a certified instructor have to pass some shooting qualifications in order to be certified? Is there a written test that must be passed in order to be certified?
    No one is stronger or more dangerous than the man who can harness his emotions.

    Rangemaster Certified Instructor
    USCCA Certified Instructor
    USPSA Range Officer

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coach View Post
    Does a certified instructor have to pass some shooting qualifications in order to be certified? Is there a written test that must be passed in order to be certified?
    No Compromise

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    Thank you for posting your questions!

    Prior to the classroom portion of the training, each candidate completes online curriculum.
    Each module of the online training has a quiz that the candidate must pass to move on to the next module.
    This familiarizes the student with the USCCA material and textbook.

    In the classroom, the 16 hours of training equip the candidate in teaching skills and refinement.
    Additionally, the student is given 5 to 7 opportunities to give teach-backs of the USCCA material to the class for evaluation by the Training Counselor.
    There is a written multiple-choice and True-False test at the end as part of the overall student evaluation.
    The student will also practice and demonstrate running a safe firing range/training of fellow students.

    In the first day of the 2-day classroom training, there is a live-fire qualification.
    Details will be provided to students who enroll, but briefly stated, it is accomplished with 4 stages of multiple rounds of fire at three different self-defense distances.

    Hope this answers your questions.
    Please feel free to reach out for more information!


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    I assume the live fire will be indoors?
    No Compromise

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    I appreciate the answers and the details. In the OP the "gold standard" comment caught my eye.

    My disdain for NRA certifications is large. Was curious if this was actually better.

    I know of one NRA traing couselor who waves or fakes the shooting test. Which blows my mind. I also know there are a ton of instructors who are certified that cannot shoot and are not even ashamed of it.
    No one is stronger or more dangerous than the man who can harness his emotions.

    Rangemaster Certified Instructor
    USCCA Certified Instructor
    USPSA Range Officer

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    You are correct that the shooting qualification will be accomplished at an indoor range.

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    Thanks for the feedback.
    The "gold standard" language is borrowed from the USCCA's own description of the training material.
    However, being certified through them, I am an advocate for their system.
    I personally believe that it is the best, most thorough training a person can get for defensive, concealed carry, or home defense purposes.

    The support and resources the USCCA makes available to us instructors is tremendous in helping to build your own identity and business.

    Let me know if there's any other information I can give!

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    Hi Coach,

    While this qualification is a step up from the NRA’s it is still untimed and does not require the instructor candidate to perform any skills such as presentation, reloads, malfunctions, getting of the X, challenge commands, or time limits. All of which are covered in the material but not required the instructor candidate to demonstrate competency in, let alone instruct. This is why I add four hours of range time to my instructor courses where I cover these basic skills in depth and have the candidate perform teach backs. This segment is not required by the USCCA but a critical addition to my instructor courses as the need for development does exists. As I mentioned in the post you started “USCCA” it is important that new instructors receive continued support and development after certification so they can develop competency in both the classroom and on the range. I explain to my instructors that this certification only gains you the right to use and present this material to your students. But there is so much more work you must do in order to be what I consider a instructor. Furthermore, as said by Bruce Siddle, I explain that training people to survive in conflict is the only recognized profession that trains students to protect lives by the taking of another. It is also one of a few professions in which the instructor’s competence may be the difference between the life and death of the student or the general public. Subsequently, Instructors have a moral and legal obligation to constantly research methods to enhance training and, ultimately, to ensure the survival of their students. So I ask them a hard question, what kind of instructor do you want to be? Do you want to stand in front of a class and discuss defensive shooting and the skills required to do such only to take them to the range and have them do marksmanship shooting. Or do you want to have the ability to teach them the life saving defensive shooting skills both in the class and on range in order to save lives. One training psychology leaves the student without the necessary skills to survive while the other psychology proves that you have accepted your responsibility as a survival instructor and forces you to continue your development. The industry is plagued with instructors that only have the ability to teach marksmanship skills, and sadly enough as you explained, can’t even perform a basic marksmanship qualification. In my instructor class you have to perform the qualification cold and only get one attempt at it. My expectation is that a instructor should be able to perform this cold and on demand. If you fail you will have to meet with me on other days to work on your abilities in order to pass another cold attempt. When the course is over the USCCA allows us to suspend them getting their certification until I clear the candidate. While this sounds good it takes a dedicated and disciplined TC to do this as you get no extra compensation for doing this. Only the satisfaction that you are doing the best you can getting folks started as a entry level instructor. So I see why you know a NRA TC who lies allowing candidates to pass who do not even meet the stupidly simple qualification they have. This is grievous evil and I believe that these acts are done by those with no honor, pride or integrity. I firmly believe that if the USCCA found out about a TC doing this, they would investigate and pull his credentials. Thanks for the post and the opportunity to share my thoughts to a experienced fellow instructor.

    Respectfully Yours,

    Instructor Brett

    "A Warrior is not only identifiable on the battlefield, but also through the consistency and intensity in which he trains.” – Brett Dicks

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