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    Gabe White Pistol Shooting Solutions May 16-17, Jonesboro, IN

    Deer Creek Conservation Club in Jonesboro, IN is hosting Gabe White for his 2-day Pistol Shooting Solutions class May 16-17, 2020.

    This class is two full days of intermediate to advanced level training, taught by Gabriel White. The class will use live and dry fire to improve our defensive use of the handgun, encompassing accuracy and efficiency in shooting, gunhandling, and personal tactics. This will include a heavy focus on developing students' technical skills and the application of those skills to solve problems relevant to defensive use of the handgun, including simple and complex spatial problems, and mitigation of danger to bystanders. Essentially, this class will focus on high performance in concealed carry and self-defense with a handgun.

    Topics include:
    • Efficient drawstroke
    • Shot calling
    • Driving the gun on single and multiple targets (shooting mechanics)
    • Full spectrum shooting on the move (controlled and dynamic movement)
    • Shooting on the move competitive exercises
    • Foreground and background mitigation
    • Basic and advanced use of cover
    • Use of cover competitive exercises
    • Technical skills challenge testing
    • Effective dry practice

    Read more about what Gabe has to offer here: Gabe White Training ? High Performance Concealed Carry

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    This class is a must for me this year! I know I have to sign up ASAP or it’s going to be sold out before I know it. Hope to see some new and familiar faces

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    One of the best carry/performance related classes available. Can't say enough positive things about Gabe White and his class.

    Also, whoa look at this cool graphic someone made

    They'll let you play tennis with a baseball bat, until you start beating the tennis players.

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