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    Scaled Targets for Dry Fire

    So with the "Lockdown" I'm spending a whole lot more time at home. I had already decided to put a more dedicated effort into dry fire, but this has kicked it up a notch. I ordered a bunch of 1/3 scale IPSC/USPSA targets to setup for training. I understand that I can somewhat mitigate the lack of distance by using the scaled targets. The question I have comes around the spacing of the targets. Do I need to reduce that as well? For example, if I want to practice El Presidente, I know that rather than setting the targets at 30 feet away, I can use the 1/3 scale targets and set them up at 10 feet away. But do I need to still keep them spaced 3 feet apart or should I reduce that as well? I know scaling it won't be a perfect representation, but I'd like to get as close as possible. Maybe I'm overthinking it.
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    For an accurate look they should be spaced 1 third the separation, 1 foot apart

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    That's what I was thinking, but when I set it up things seemed too close. Thanks for the input.
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    The title of this thread brought back memories of boot camp.
    "Snapping-in" is what they called dry-fire practice in the Marine Corps. back in the 1970's.
    I imagine it's the same.

    We dry-fired our M16A1's (yes, I'm that old) at 55 gallon drums that were painted white, with tiny little "dog targets" (man silhouettes) painted black.
    I think they were to simulate 500 yard targets, but were only 25 yards away.
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    So I did some more thinking about this and wanted to prove this mathematically. I think you have to treat it like a triangle. Yes, now I'm talking about trigonometry and not just "triggernometry". In order to keep the view scaled, I think you draw a triangle from the shooting position to the middle target and then to one of the other targets and then back to the shooting position. This gives you a right triangle. Using the attached image as a reference the distance from the shooter to the middle target (b in the graphic) is 30' or 360". The distance from the center of the middle target to the side of one of the other targets (a in the graphic) is 45" (3' + 9" for half a target). That allows us to calculate angle alpha as 7.125 degrees. Now if we scale "b" down to 10' or 120" and keep angle alpha as 7.125 degrees the scaled down distance of "a" becomes 15". A 1/3 scale target is 6" wide, therefore half of a 1/3 scale target would be 3". So that puts the target 12" away. Sorry if this is boring to people, but the engineer in me came out.
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    Thatís cool, and you and I think a lot alike. But what Iím gonna tell you about the effect on your ability to actually shoot is that you should put down the calculator and cell phone, pick up the pistol, and start shooting.

    Unless it is for an extremely high level of competition, at that exact stage, you donít need to be so precise. If it IS for that level of competition on that stage, you still donít need to be so precise. You need to shoot more.

    If, however, this is serving as a mental diversion while youíre stuck at home, well so be it.
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    Agreed that I need to get out and shoot. Being stuck at home is taking its toll. Haha. Getting good dry fire practice in though. Just need to be able to validate and reinforce it on the range.
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    I'm thinking about getting out the pellet rifle and the squirrel and rat knock down steel targets out.

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    I just drew a mini USPSA target on some cardboard from work. Cut that out and then traced the rest of them. Have like 6 of them taped on my walls spread around my room. Donít really worry about size or distance of the target. Just making sure the sight doesnít move when I press the trigger. Wide transitions as well

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    In as much you modified the norms of the target and scaling, you have to modify the 3 feet spacing, so it can work with the new modification of your choice. It's nothing technical just a little tweak and trick, that's all. Cheers!

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