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Thread: Glock 22

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    Glock 22

    Want to buy Glock 22 Gen 3 or 4. Leaning more towards 4 but price is king. Night sights are not required. Must be around Indy or Hendricks County

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    I have a Glock on Lay-A-Way @ Cash America Pawn down here in Clarksville..
    You can see their inventory online & I see several G22s near Indy..
    Here's the link.. Cash America
    $329- $350 is what I see currently, They also have some Gen 4s too for $399..
    Go have a look & see!!
    Good Luck Brother
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    I went to one of the local Cash America Pawns today & my youngest Son put a sweet guitar on layaway..
    It is a Brian Moore iM 1.13 with Piezo pickups & three active EMGs & 13 pin midi output, This just might be the nicest guitar I have ever seen.
    They didn't have any firearms that where talking to me today..
    Made a payment on the Glock 24 Gen 3 that we have on layaway..
    I saw a Glock 17L at another pawn, They wanted $650 for it..

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    I appreciate all the input guys. Still haven't found one yet but I am still looking.

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