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Thread: G43 or G43x

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    G43 or G43x

    I'm on the list in damn near every LGS around me, so I may as well try here as well.

    Looking for a 43 or 43x, doesn't matter which one, really. I'm not too awfully concerned with holster wear or round count, unless you've gone crazy with it in the short time it's been on the market.

    I'll also take any extra accessories off your hands. Holsters, extra mags, etc. What I don't want are things like lasers, guide rod or otherwise, gussied up slides and finishes, or other customizations.

    I'm willing to meet up in Indy or any of the donut counties, or as far south as Columbus since I already live on the south side.
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    Give Pheonix Guns a call at 812-378-5727. They may have one They only do curb sales at this time one of the owners has health problems and is being extra cautious.

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