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    my wife is not a 'gun person' per say. She grew up on a farm, grew up around her dad and brothers using/shooting guns, but never did her self. Because of this she has no interest in them, but I asked her if she would at least learn how in case one day she would need to know, and she agreed.

    I wont start her on on a 1911 or a .357, etc, but I did pick up probably one of the best starter handguns, IMO, for most women. A walther p22. Smaller grip, shoots .22 and has very little recoil. Im hoping this will let her get the feel for a handgun in general, then she can work her way up. After that, if she wants her own, she can get what she wants, but to me right now, a comfortable introduction is the key.


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    My wife and I went looking around one day. We finally found the perfect weapon. It is titanium S&W bobbed hammer 38 special. Small enough to go into a small purse, not heavy, bobbed hammer wont catch on anything in the purse, PRETTY, just pull the trigger. First round is 38 shot shell, a little forgiving on the aim (might scare the crap out of them if it doesn’t hit them) The rest are blazer safety slugs.

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    well lucky me! my wife has picked as her gun of choice a S&W M&P 9mm., full size no less.

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    I work at a local gun shop and it totally amazes me the number of men who try to persuade a female to purchase a certain firearm. "This one is small, it would be good for you" no matter what caliber, is a common phrase. I usually try to be as informative as possible, find out if it is to be carried or a home defense weapon. Make some suggestions based on the answers and suggest going home and doing some research on their own. I notice the male sales associates doing the same thing as the husband, boyfriend, etc... "this is a good gun for you" Only the actual user of the firearm can make the decision. The gun must fit your hand comfortably! I love some brands because or reliability of the manfacturer, but they simply don't fit my hand. Never buy on impulse, I have seen MANY handguns traded back in because after going home and shooting they found it wasn't the best choice for them. Best suggestion out there "find a friend who has the same gun you are thinking about buying and test it for yourself."

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    Pami is like the Kathy Jackson of INGO.

    Well said, mama!

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    Quote Originally Posted by esrice View Post
    Pami is like the Kathy Jackson of INGO.

    Well said, mama!
    I admit she was my main inspiration. I only rephrased what many others have said.
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    I definitely agree with you. The first gun my husband bought me was a 357 Taurus revolver. I had shot a similar gun a couple of times and it wasn't too bad but after shooting it about 3 cylinders through it my hand would go to sleep.

    I subsequently shot his .45 and really liked it. Needless to say the gun of my choice at this time it a .40 caliber PT140 Taurus and am looking at the Walther .40 as it fits my hand very well. Just wanted to put my 2 cents worth in.

    Mrs. Wolfman

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    Hello All,
    I'd NEVER buy a firearm for my wife. She must decide what works best for her. We already knew that an auto loader would be difficult for her -- slides and arthritis don't mix. I'm very happy to say that when we went to the handgun store, she determined that a Taurus 38 Special would best the best choice for her. With the right ammunition, she'll be fine.

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    I got my wife a walther P22 without talking to her first. Big mistake! She doesn't like it and wants something else. So now we are looking at glocks and XM 9MM. My advice is to take your wife with you and let her pick her own gun.

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    Whether revolver or semiauto, I'd 'hep' her by narrowing the choices. Personally, I'd take the brand choice away from a salesman that I don't know and trust. No 'this is what you need' for this household in this purchase category.

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