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    Unless it's spelled out in the employment paper work that I ahave to participate, I would tell them to get bent.
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    Worked for decades at a multinational Corp that would require employees in larger cities to pass through metal detection and lunchbox inspection. If you were a peon like me from a small outlying domicile within the Corp. nobody paid attention to employee egress locally and when visiting the Big City were given access through the back gate bypassing all the hubub, go figure. In any event I think you can anticipate metal wanding to be forthcoming next at the very least in the OP's situation cause that's the natural progression.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cameramonkey View Post
    "Why so heavy, Mom45?"
    "Its full of... um... 'feminine care products... that time you know. Want to see them?"

    I'll never forget the bag checks when I am carrying my Maxpedition versipack. They typically have you open the flap for the main compartment and look inside. Lifting the flap hides the zipper for the gun compartment from the inspector. I had one guy try to be extra thorough. He didnt like what he saw when I lifted the flap. He expected to find goodies but no. He obviously had a suspicion I was up to something and proceeded to have me open the front pouch as well as the outside zipper as well. All the while in his quest to be cool he was missing the money shot because what he REALLY wanted to find was obscured from his view. He waved me on in, slightly annoyed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ART338WM View Post
    Yep you pretty much have ZERO rites once you're on an employers dime or property. Unless you're Collin K, then the world kisses your looser a$$.
    You don't give up your rights, just possibly the privilege of working there. There is a difference.
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    I worked at a place that allowed your gun in the car, but not in the building. I was ok with that. It's not a perfect world. If I was truly concerned with the mental instability of a co-worker, I would not hesitate to take that concern to HR.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WebSnyper View Post
    You don't give up your rights, just possibly the privilege of working there. There is a difference.
    Yep. You may be working under a policy that allows your employer to search you, you don't have to submit. If you're going to get fired if they find something they don't like, it doesn't make much sense to submit to the search. The worst that can happen is that you lose your job.

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    I'm not fan of off body carry, so there's that.

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    Our employer reserves the right to search your bags, lunch buckets, brief cases, etc. upon entering and leaving the premises. They do it infrequently. The last stretch of searches was caused when someone left a shell casing laying on the plant floor
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    Our maintenance guys were allowed to work on personal projects when things were slow. One guy decided to build an upper. There was a random locker search, you can guess the rest.

    Another employee was "borrowing" a heavy chain. He was walking past the security guard when the handle on his giant plastic lunch box gave out. The union was in an uproar because management wanted to start searching outgoing containers. Imagine that.....
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    Federal and state work places where homeland security is a concern do not allow, by law, firearms on the property, except for their police forces. Normal places of business can't forbid you, by law, from storing a gun in your car. Normal places of business, by law, can't purposely search for a weapon or ask if you're carrying. They can forbid in the workplace but not in your vehicle. If they are searching for stolen property and find a forbidden gun, no laws were broken when searching for stolen property and finding a gun. If you ask what they're searching for, they probably won't tell you firearms or you'll be able to sue your employer.

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