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    Good option is to use a gun shop that has gun rentals so as to let them have a chance to really get a feel for the weapon before purchase.

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    If a woman wants a gun, she is perfectly capable of choosing her own. I tried to get my wife to carry a gun. I chose a Colt .380acp Mustang and a holster for her. I led her through the process of obtaining her carry permit. I even convinced her to go to the range with me...once. I gave her what guidance I could and she fired about 14 rounds and, actually, did pretty well. The pistol has been a safe queen and she hasn't carried it since. The only good point is that I bought a Colt and I'll probably be able to sell it for more than I paid for it so many years ago.

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    When I first started dating my wife, she had some hesitations with shooting which came from a sheltered upbringing. Eventually she warmed up to it, after what seemed like 20+ gun rentals and hours of range time we landed on the Walther CCP for her training pistol. I was hesitant with it because I dislike guns that require proprietary tools for disassembly, that and it's not the easiest to take down. But it was one of the few she had no problems loading/racking and no matter how hard I tried to move her away from it, it's what she wanted.

    Lived it, learned it, will never push her away from what she's comfortable with. She's not an EDC, but she has no hesitations loading it up and putting it in her purse when she wants too.

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    Gruss Firearms Instruction 317-492-1508 offers pistol classes for women only. They also offer a great discount for the husband if he wants to attend a regular class with here.

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    But I want the pink Taurus .380.. That is a 9mm right? 9x17.. HaHa!! Maybe the Orange one..

    My wife tried every handgun I ever owned & prefered a K frame six shot S&W revolver 15-2 4" over all the others??
    I mean Glock 26, 19,17, 17L, Hk P7M8, USP357C, USP 45 Tactical, S&W 36, 3913, 940, SIG P220ST, P225, P228, P229, Ruger P89, SP101 9mm plus just about any other pistol/revolver out there.. She liked the smith DA/SA revolver over all the others.. Who knew??

    JFYI I've been married for 36 years..

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    Overheard at the last 1500......"This is a very pretty gun to carry" I turn, look, she is holding a pink handgun. Yeah, pink can be scary.
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