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    Choosing a Gun for the Woman in Your Life

    I like Greg's blog. Good article on the topic with some practical caveats on the "let her choose" approach.

    Choosing a Gun for the Woman in your Life | Active Response Training
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    TLDR: let her choose but give her good options to choose from, realistic criteria/considerations, and try to steer her away from bad choices. Agreed.

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    Yeah, I think the principle is that if you let anyone choose among options for anything about which they know next to nothing/have little experience, those choices aren't likely to be optimal.

    So, assisting someone make a guided decision is likely the most helpful (avoids newb mistakes, etc.).

    And btw, tt's certainly not my intent to make broad, sweeping generalizations about women and firearms or reinforce stereotypes (whether accurate or inaccurate).

    Posted in this subforum mainly due to the title of the article. Really this applies to anyone new to firearms regardless of gender.
    Nothing is everything, but everything is something. - Ayoob

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    Took fiance to gun store and let her pick.
    She didn't like what she picked after she shot it.
    She shot mine and fell in love with it.
    Got her mine.

    Got mother a S&W BG38+P
    Took her to the range and ended up buying me one.

    Before Mom got hers, I let her try my Shield. She wasn't comfortable with it.
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    I believe now..after I messed up, that women should shop & feel the gun so they feel comfortable. I bought Glock 42 for wife & regret it because I don't believe it fits her hand. And she ain't gonna bring it back cuz it was a b-day live and learn.

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    I felt several guns before i bought one, i had a slight opinion but i really had to carry it, shoot with it, and live with it before i was comfortable. I now have more dominant preferences, but the comfort comes with familiarity, and the extra confidence that comes with that goes a long way rather then choosing the "right" one.

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    Choosing a gun for someone else is impossible. If you wouldn't do it for a guy friend then you won't be able to for a woman. Go to a range and rent a few different types that fit her hands and is comfortable for her to grip in several calibers. From there she should be able to make a fairly informed decision on her first gun. As we all know that will only be the beginning of her collection. Just be sure to let her decide and only give opinions when needed. It is very easy to steer someone into a purchase that they may not be 100% on because of your input.
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    I think men are more simplistic about firearms....we tend to like certain ones, but are not too picky, if it goes bang. Women? Not even close. My wife does not shoot a lot, but when she does, she is very picky about what she will shoot. My daughter is the same way. When I bought her her first pistol, it took us two hours and countless "handling" before she decided on the Ruger LC9s. I was like "damn".

    I'm not that way at all....I'll make anything work.
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    I have found that the sure way to save money is to have my wife choose her own clothing, jewelry and firearms......

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    My wife 'chose' my Glock 23 gen 2. She shoots every one I have but that's her preferred carry. She's a good shot with it. I bought her new mags and night sights.

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