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    Wife carrying a gun

    Finally after years of me telling her to do it. My wife is finally getting her LTCH. Need some help from some fellow members.

    She picked out a carry gun a few years ago and she wanted it pink so I had it cerakoted. So we're good there. She has shot it and shot it well. I'm looking at training options now.

    Any suggestions on a good belt/holster? I know what I like but looking for some suggestions for her.

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    I just bought a holster (first one) from Harvey's Holsters in Battle Ground, Indiana. He made it for my pistol while I waited and watched.

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    I just use a regular belt. It's fine because the gun I carry is lightweight, anyway. If I were carrying a bigger gun, I'd get a gun belt.

    I have tried so many holsters, but I always come back to either a kydex hybrid or a stiff leather holster IWB. I also like the Crossbreed purse carry contraption for when it's winter and I'm wearing a lot of layers and can't get to my belt all that well.

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    I personally like the concealed carry purses, in all weather conditions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rarobertson33 View Post
    I personally like the concealed carry purses, in all weather conditions.
    My wife OC's.

    But not in a triggered soccer mom kind of way.

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    These are my new favorite belt:

    I saw them at NRAAM and bought two.

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    Classes and info here:

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    Wife carried a 45 auto for a long time in her purse. Bought her a 38 S&W snubbie DAO awhile ago. Little lighter and easier. She can shoot it too!


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    My girlfriend loves her concealed carry purse. Water proof and doesn't feel like she has to dress to hide her gun. Also no printing and can comfortably carry a heavier gun.

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    If it is at all possible for her to carry on her person, I would recommend that over a concealed carry purse. Quicker access and less chance of being stolen. There is also the risk of young children getting into a purse. I don't know if that applies in your situation, but it happens. A lot.

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    So if she isn't interested in a purse, I have 2 different ones I use. (A bulldog and then one I got from gun toten mamas website.) I have used a spandex type belly band when i want to carry on me. It has a low profile so the firearm isn't visible. I have carried my smith and Wesson .38 and my glock 19. The slot for the weapon is versatile so I can carry whatever. And they are comfortable and breathable fabric. I would equate the fabric to a knee brace.

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