Guardian Firearms Academy is offering this class in both Lebanon and Greencastle for 2019.
For the past eight years this is one of most attended classes with the greatest positive feedback from our students.
See you on the range,
Jerrod Baugh

Basic Pistol Home Defense
This has been one of our most attended and recommended classes for beginning shooters of all ages.
Instructor, Jerrod Baugh and Justin Tate
One day class: 1 pm to 6 pm, $100, Includes GFA t-shirt. $50 deposit
Captain Jim Baugh Range, 1676 West 225 South, Greencastle Indiana
Lebanon Police Gun Range, 1905 Indianapolis Ave., Lebanon Indiana
2019 Class Dates:Sunday April 7, 2019 LEBANON (Ladies Only Class)Sunday June 23, 2019 GREENCASTLE (Ladies Only Class)Saturday June 29, 2019 LEBANON (Ladies Only Class)Sunday July 28, 2019 GREENCASTLE (Open to All, a great opportunity to bring the family to train together)Saturday August 24, 2019 LEBANON (Ladies Only Class)Tuition cost is $100 and you will be shooting 100 rounds of your own ammunition.
This class is for the shooter who has a pistol at home for personal protection. At the completion of this course, you will be better prepared to defend yourself and family with a pistol while in your home. This is a beginners basic class and you will be taught a working knowledge of the handgun. You will not need a Indiana Handgun License to take this class.
Firearms Safety including home storage
Legal issues related to the use of the firearm
Safe use of the firearm for personal protectionShot placement on the human body for maximum effectivenessBullet demonstration and selection for self-defense
Bring your own pistol, two magazines, great attitude, and 100 rounds of factory ammo.
You can borrow a pistol from me for no extra cost. Please advise at registration and you will need to provide your own ammo.
Let us give you the shooting skills and thought process needed to defend yourself and family from those who would plan to harm you. Our classes are small in participant size, so that each student gets the proper instruction time and attention needed.
Contact us for private classes of four or more. These private classes can be some of the most rewarding and fun classes of the year. Put a group together and send me a message. We can accommodate training during the week.