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    The first gun I ever had her shoot was my 642. She didn’t much care for it. I thought she’d be all over it!

    Id never heard of point blank till we wondered in there. They did seem to have decent pricing. Their used gun selection was a little salty but I don’t frequently buy from there anyway. I’ll have to read through the LGS reviews and see what they’re all about.

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    The purse carry seem like a really bad option, and I don't see the point of a retention holster if she's going to carry off body.

    A retention holster gives you half a second to react if someone is trying to take your gun away from you as you're carrying it on your person.

    Not really useful if you're 10 feet away from the purse.

    A purse is probably the first thing an attacker would grab.Now you're in a situation where you have to hold on to the purse with both hands (especially if faced with a stronger attacker), hopping they don't take it or worst ... get access to the gun.

    With on body carry you can let go of the purse and have both hands free to draw the gun.

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    I think I'd need a rickshaw to CC the wife. Don't think appendix carry would work.
    Just call me lollipop.

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    Not to be rude or anything, but if it is going to be in her purse there really is no point in carrying at all. However, my wife loves to carry her 22 which i know isn't much in terms of stopping power but is one hell of a deterrent regardless. She has good grouping on the 22 compared to the 9mm and 380 that she owns.

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    I know it’s not ideal. Is it better than being unarmed. Probably. At least in my opinion. I do think she’ll switch to on body carry eventually. One step at a time.

    Looking at the CC purses the majority seem to basically just have a divided separate section for firearm storage. Neither of us is very keen on their ability to secure a gun. In my head I’m picturing an OWB thumbreak bolster sewn into the pocket. Just as a means of keeping it in the same position consistently.

    Is her 22 a revolver? I thought about picking up a charter arms 22 mag revolver. The low price made me question the quality/dependability. I have no experience with any charter arms products so I guess I shouldn’t jump to that conclusion strictly based on price.

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    It is Sunday morning and I just feel like stirring the pot.

    1) off body carry is not as bad as people make it out to be. Purse, bag, Fanny pack all basically the same. It has distinct disadvantages but all offers a few in return. No different then ankle or pocket catty. Context!

    2) full size guns off body are difficult to deal with just like they are on the belt. My wife tried the full size 1911 for a while and that ended quickly.

    3) .22 LR is generally a no from me. But if you do go .22 make sure it is a quality revolver. Personally I do not give the thumbs up for Taurus and Charter Arms. I have seen great examples and not so great examples of each.

    4) Always a trade off with shootability, power, weight and concealability. Always. I help part time at a gun shop, With that in mind let me list the current products that ladies seem to like. These are not the “best” choices for everyone but what we sell the most of and what they like. Incidentally they are popular with the menfolk as well. I personally do not like the term “ladies gun” but it is how we think as consumers. The List: Glock 42/43/43x/48, Sig P365, S&W Shield EZ.
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