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    Free: Suitable Gun Seminar at Parabellum

    Free Suitable Gun Seminar: at Parabellum

    Saturday December 14, 2019 and Saturday December 21, 2019

    This hour long presentation will run from 10:15 am to 11:15 am.

    I will be presenting this information for folks looking to buy their first handgun. It has always been frustrating to me as an instructor how many people show up to learn to shoot with a gun that is not very suitable for their needs and desires. Many people are going to be getting a gun over the holidays and this seminar will be very helpful. I want to help make that first gun purchase the right purchase. This is not going to be a sales pitch but a buyer education session. There will be guns to handle following the lecture. So that folks and truly understand and go hands on about the material discussed in the class room. There will be no live fire in the session. Parabellum staff will be available to assist should someone want to purchase a gun. Parabellum offers a 30 day range pass with a firearm purchase.

    So if this sounds like something that would benefit someone you know please let them know about it.
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    Is a great Idea!
    I am forwarding this to a few people at work that will not stop asking me questions that I can't answer because I don't own their hands
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    I'm seconding that and doing the same. I have some people I strongly suspect will be taking the plunge this year, so I'm passing the word. Most retailers would not do this. They benefit from people making the wrong choice, then coming back and "trading up." Listen to the idiotic advice some places give out. It happens so often, I suspect many of the "big range" type places actually plan on and profit from this. They sell a woman a gun that "feels good in her hand," knowing full well she will be back in 6 months, trading up to something she can actually shoot.

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    There is a short video and post about this on the Parabellum Facebook page if that format makes it easier to share to people who might want the information.

    No one is stronger or more dangerous than the man who can harness his emotions.

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