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    Ladies Training in or around Indy during 2020?

    Looking for available indoor or outdoor classes for novice lady shooters coming up this year. Thank you in advance.
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    tagging for my wife. She needs more training but doesnt want to for the typical reasons.
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    The Well Armed Woman organization shoots at Atterbury shooting complex. Call the range they should be able to help.

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    Take a look at Revere's Riders. They have excellent beginner offerings.
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    There's always private lessons. Gets you exactly what you want, when you want.

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    May 16 Reveres Riders Ladies Only Event
    Check it out here:

    ETA Forgot to mention it’s being hosted by INGO’s A&A optics.
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    There are several chapters of The Well Armed Woman in Indiana. My wife is a member of the Indy South chapter that meets and shoots at Point Blank Greenwood and she also joined a chapter that shoots outdoors at Spencer.
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    No experience but Indy Arms Company at 56th and Keystone offers a ladies only defensive handgun course.
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    Ladies only and Co-ed classes. Take your pick and get the best of both worlds.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OkieGirl View Post
    Looking for available indoor or outdoor classes for novice lady shooters coming up this year. Thank you in advance.
    We offer private and/or group classes if you have friends who would benefit from the training as well.


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