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    new lady shooters

    Had a chance Friday to introduce two young ladies to shooting for the first time. Two young ladies, friends of my daughter, wanted to try shooting but had never shot before. They accompanied my daughter and I to Wilbur Wright and they got a basic safety rules/nomenclature talk. Then they proceeded to shoot some rounds from a Savage/Stevens Lil' Favorite, a Ruger Single Six, and a High Standard Sentinel .22. We were going to shoot s Ruger Mk II but the rangemaster called the range closed. I would have thought them to be opposed to guns but they seemed to enjoy themselves and weren't afraid of shooting like before. They may never become avid shooters but at least now they see that guns aren't horrific machines bent on destruction. I'm just glad I didn't take any larger calibers. Maybe in the future.

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    I still care....Really
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    Good on you sir. Plant the seeds. Nourish them. See that they grow.
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    Well done. I always start people off on 22s then move up to larger calibers if they are okay with it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Phase2 View Post
    Well done. I always start people off on 22s then move up to larger calibers if they are okay with it.
    Totally agree, start shooters like this on 22's so they have fun. Don't force them into a 38 snubby that will turn their hand into hamburger.

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    Fun first. Defense later. I'll never understand why well-meaning men are so hell-bent on getting female acquaintances into defensive calibers so soon. That isn't the way they learned. So why would they push it onto someone else?

    Case in point, I have a younger female coworker who is very "left" on most issues, but was open to firearms and shooting at least at some point in the past. Her dad got her a Makarov (geez dad?) and took her shooting, with no ear protection. She complains about when her dad "wants to drag her to some stupid firing range." I offered to provide a better introduction for both her and her husband, with more appropriate equipment in a conducive location, a place where I'm a member and is literally on her way home from work. But she was not interested and I doubt she ever will be. I presume this is someone who is now "lost." But it could have turned out differently, if her dad just had a clue.

    Update, she now has a baby, and a pistol up on a shelf where it "can't be reached" despite my counsel. She intimated she only keeps it because it makes her dad "feel safer" to know she has it. I would not be at all surprised if someday, the "solution" will be provided when a well-meaning liberal friend of which she has many, will convince her to get rid of that "beastly thing." The cycle will be complete and another gun control supporter created, when it could have been different.

    The "blind leading the blind" is a huge problem for the shooting sports.

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