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Thread: Conceal and Carry Purse Recommendations

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    This may be too late, but Hiding Hilda also makes a slew of ladies fashionable carry options ...

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    Have you checked out things like under tech under cover? Not them specifically but things like that?

    because like others have said, off body carry can turn bad quickly. Purse is an easy target to grab, and now they’re armed too.

    hope you find something she likes and that works

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    Most women don’t wear belts, my wife included. She has a Galco Underwrap belly band 2.0. It is very well made. The price is not cheap but it is worth every penny especially if it’s comfortable enough that she will want to wear it.

    Here is a 20% off coupon to help offset the cost.

    Here is a link to the Galco Website.

    During a training class with Aaron and BBI we watched actual CCT video of a robbery gone bad at a tire shop. The guy and girl were off carrying a .357 The perp wanted her purse and when she tried to grab the gun off carried the perp shot her.

    That solidified my dislike of off body carry. Having a firearm and not being able to use it, could in my opinion give a false sense of security.
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    Came here to mention the Ruger LCR. Sweet little snub-nose.

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