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    24hr waiting period on shipped firearms?

    I stopped in at the Fort Wayne store on the 9th to p/u a gun I ordered online. It wasn't supposed to arrive until the 10th but came 1 day early. While I was there, one of the employees stated that there was now a 24hr waiting period for picking up shipped firearms. Is this a new corporate policy or just something the Fort Wayne store is doing? He said it was because too many customers were showing up to pick up items and they hadn't gotten to the shipments yet. UPS notified me that my gun arrived at 11am and I showed up at 230pm.

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    The store that recieved it has to sign it into his books. Some places only have one person authorized to do that. If the authorized person is not there, it has to sit until he arrives. I do not know your store, but more than one I had to hang on to a firearm at a place I worked due to the boss not being in that day.

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    It happens. Imagine they get 50 receivers for themselves, 25 other guns, 25 transfers, and a busy store front.

    It can very easily take a day to sign in all of the guns.

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    Most of the time we will have the firearm ready very soon after it has arrived from the shipper but there are times when it is very difficult to check everything in with a busy store with other items that need to get checked in as well.

    It can be up to 24 hours from when we receive it to when it is ready. We do call our customers as soon as the firearm is checked in and is ready for pick up.
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    Sounds good. Thanks

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    Very welcome. Let us know if there is anything else we can ever do for you.
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