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    ZX Fort Wayne-A Christmas Story

    Itches must be scratched... Something was pulling me down the street. I wasn't sure what it was but I felt the tug so I allowed it to guide me!!! Stopped in to ZX in Fort Wayne a couple of days before Christmas to see if I could scratch that itch and wouldn't you know it!!! There it was, setting in the case looking back at me. Poor little thing looked hopeless and lonely. I asked a few questions about it's origins, overall condition, level of lead consumption etc...
    Feeling satisfied with the answers I scooped it up and hugged it... and before I knew it, without even realizing it... the words fell out of my mouth... "I'll take it".
    The little G26 Gen 5 had finally done it! It had found a home! The end!

    In all seriousness, Thank you to the staff a ZX in Fort Wayne! Not the 1st time I'd been in there but it's the 1st time I purchased a firearm from them. The staff as always is very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful and the store is well stocked and organized with a good layout. The transaction was smooth and quick and when I left I had my new prize in hand with all the proper paperwork and receipt in hand.
    I'll will continue to do business at ZX Fort Wayne without hesitation.

    Happy New Year to ZX and Ingo!
    Hope for the best, be prepared for the worst... but when the ball drops... go barbarian.

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    Fun story, I've shopped there too. Good store!

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