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Thread: Night vision vs PEQ?

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    Night vision vs PEQ?

    Iím considering making the leap from regular glass optics to night vision or something like a PEQ laser system. What are peopleís thoughts? And if night vision, do you prefer a standalone NV handheld or a weapon mounted NV optic?

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    Answers to questions like that are mission driven. Are you going to hunt feral hogs etc or are you thinking about defense? If it's about defense, and you live in an urban/suburban area, there's probably enough ambient light that you won't need NV--until TEOTWAWKI

    I'm not familar with PEQ laser systems but generally lasers are exclusively about targeting things while NV and thermal optics have at least as much to do with IDing them

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    Mickey Mantle Trigger Time's Avatar

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    You need a pvs14 or similar to even see a peq15 IR laser at night.
    You can use the red visible laser in daytime if you wish.

    Pvs14 gen3 $3k plus.
    Peq15 IR laser/illuminator $1500 civilian power. $2k plus for military.

    I run these. Why? Because I have a lot of time behind them and if I ever need to use them at night, I'm very capable and it will most likely give me an advantage over my enemy even if they have NVG's too.
    These are highly recommended by me for what its worth. I think anyone who has the extra money to spend. Should
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    Marksman Karl-just-Karl's Avatar

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    PVS 14 is only rated for the recoil of a 5.56 if it is weapons mounted.

    Most folks choose to keep their NV off the firearm unless it was specifically designed for such service.

    The PEQ is a powerful tool to add to a powerful tool. The DBAL stuff has lots of variations, visible, IR, illuminator, single or double.

    Thermal has come a long way in the last few years, the resolution and imaging is pretty incredible now. They use to say Thermal for detection and NV for identification but I don't know if that is true anymore.

    Very expensive and deep rabbit hole.

    My choice? Headmount NV, visible/IR laser on the weapon.

    Looking through a PVS 14 and then through a EOTech feels an awful lot like tunnel vision. The reticle seems to shrink down too, even though I believe it is just an optical illusion.

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    Thermal is getting to the point that identifying is pretty easy, but it depends on the thermal that you buy. As it was said above, it depends on what your goal is. Hunting? 100% thermal.

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    From experience and a lot of experimentation, what Karl said: Headmount NV, visible/IR laser on the weapon. Even if shortening the life of expensive night vision was not a concern, it is slow, ineffective and sometimes impractical (e.g. running barrel into walls) or unsafe to have to move the weapon everyplace you want to look/scan. Headmount on a ballistic or bump helmet with a suspension that provides some stability; or something easier to store and pack with you, the Crye Nightcap. Even with headmount, trying to align the night vision and your eye behind something like an Aimpoint or EOTech with NV settings is cumbersome and leaves the NV banging into the back of a long gun, thus the recommended laser for aiming. That also let's you keep whatever day optic you prefer as-is. I would not see thermal by itself as practical for general usage, adequate detail, and situational awareness. And it's completely blind through glass.

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    Sharpshooter masterdekoy's Avatar

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    I always recommend helmet mounted NVGs. Mostly because they are used for so much more than just shooting. The biggest advantage is just walking around at night without a signature. For shooting, you can either go with a PEQ-15 laser or mount a NVG compatible RDS high enough to see through it with NVGs, usually 1.93 or higher. An IR laser is easier with PVS-14s as I wear it on my non dominant eye. If money is no object, dual tubes and a RDS/Eotech work really well.

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    Marksman kaveman's Avatar

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    I'm sure I don't know what I'm talking about but I plan to lie in wait with my passive and have people bring all that high-dollar active stuff to me. (purplish)

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    Mickey Mantle Trigger Time's Avatar

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    Yeah I guess I should have specified helmet or cap mounted is the way to go. I just assumed people would get that part.
    I have 1 rifle setup with a eotech on a larue riser which has the rails also to mount a pvs14.

    Cqb is a big no no for weapon mounted NV though. No explanation needed.
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    Kinda of a thread jack but Iím looking hard at the sionyx aurora system if i can find someone who has a helmet mount. Itís not perfect but for under 1k to have pretty legit night vision.

    anyone ever use one?

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