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    Childrens' firearms programs in need of ammo

    Several people have mentioned that the current ammunition run is likely to impact programs that teach children safe and effective firearms handling.

    I am starting this thread in hope that we INGOers can help out.

    If you know of a child who is not able to participate in a formal firearms education program due to them not being able to find ammo, please post of the need here.

    If you know of a program that conducts firearms education for children and is unable to function due to their lack of ammo, please post here.

    To be clear, I am talking about formal programs like The Appleseed Project or 4H marksmanship programs, etc. I am not talking about someone needing ammo to take their kid shooting (that is a serious and legitimate need, but I would like this thread to focus on a narrow subject in hopes that we can be effective).

    I also formally ask that this thread be kept clear of the political/economics/morality/price gouging/hoarding/hair pulling discussions that are being conducted in many other threads.

    If you know of a need that fits the description, please post it up and let's see if we can help out. If you have some ammo that you would come off of for this use, keep an eye on this thread.


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    NWI INGO & DNR WINAMAC are having a Youth Day in JUN and we are in need of .22lr.


    St. Joseph County 4H Shooting Sports Club has asked for help.

    Email from Johnathon Shannon:

    I received your name from Dr. Carroll. I am in charge of shooting sports (pistol & rifle) in Montgomery County (Crawfordsville).
    We have applied and received many NRA Grants but did not apply the last year because we had a small number of advanced students. Currently we have 4 students who have made it to their 4th year of shooting sports. They will be shooting Remington 700 in .308. We did not anticipate an ammunition shortage for the club but we find ourselves without ammunition. I am asking for you to put up a post on INGO requesting 400 rounds of target 308 for our 4 kids for their summer shoots. We might be able to purchase some if the price is reasonable ($15/20 rds). Unfortunately, we cannot use reloads. Thank you for any help you can provide in our quest to get ammunition by May 28.

    Follow up email: I left some information out. We have a large supply of 22LR. We could trade a brick or two for some 308.


    Quote Originally Posted by Gunpowder ***Phone Number Hidden*** (See Rules for more info)af3dc2d9a4838b54e&p=4091536#post4091536" rel="nofollow">View Post
    I talked to Dave Sikes: Assistant Scout Executive for Lasalle Council. He had recently received an update/email but couldn't find the details so I don't know the exact amount of their inventory. I am pretty sure he asked for 20-30K. that is for summer camp so a lot of kids.

    Hey gang,

    I serve on the board of directors at Camp Potawotami, a local old school Y summer camp. A few years ago I restarted the riflery program at camp, with some of your help. Thanks. That program has allowed hundreds of boys and girls the opportunity to shoot a gun, who may never, ever have that chance otherwise.

    This summer, the program is low on .22 shorts. They use shorts or CB caps so they don't have to use ear pro (eye pro still std).

    As we all know, ammo of any kind is scarce, and they are just now finding this out. They cannot just drive into town and buy a few bricks.

    I have 21st Century Firearms looking, but does anyone have a box or two you would like to donate to the riflery program?

    Hit me up here, or via PM.

    And many thanks.

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    Great idea. Do you know what ammo is mostly used in these programs? 22 lr? Or do they shoot a variety of rounds?

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    I know appleseed goes through a ton of .22lr and I know 4h programs use it too as well as shot shells.

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    I'm in. If TBE gets a PM, I can supply some .22lr or skeet ammo to help.
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    I have a brick of .22 for the training pile. it's Blazer Lead Bullet Cheap Stuff but that's because this is what I shot/plink with all the time.
    So if there is a need and some way to pass this to them from Terre Haute, count me in too.
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    I know there was somone asking for help with a 4H program and by the time I got around to messaging them the need was already filled. I am in for a legit program.

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    Count me in also, I have some shorts if needed, or LR. These young people are the future of our sport, and I'll never forget the fun my son and daughter had and still have when we shoot together. Great idea!

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    Boy Scout programs use .22 ammo which is hard to find or expensive. The local Councils sometimes get help from the NRA for summer camp programs. District and Troop programs/events are usually supplied by the adult leaders.

    Cub Scouts use BB and I am not aware if any issues there.

    Thanks for posting this thread Bubba.

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    I'm interested in contributing .22lr if we can find a good cause in the greater Indy area.
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    I am in the Evansville area and willing to help out.

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