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    Did you guys buy once cry once? Or upgrade over time?

    Wading into the depths of looking for my 1st foray into reloading. So many options and price points. New, used, cheap, expensive. If you had to do all over again what would you do and why? Some of the reloading room pics on this forum are just incredible btw.
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    I donít reload for rifles, high volume pistol only.
    I started out with a Lee Classic Turret then a Lee Loadmaster once I started shooting USPSA a fair amount then finally a Dillon 650.
    The Loadmaster put out between 12 and 15k rounds fairly well with some amount of tinkering but was starting to wear out small parts and generally not run all that well so I drank the blue kool aide. I hate to admit it but the Dillon is worlds apart, smooth and consistent and well designed and made.
    If I had to do it over Iíd still start on the Lee turret but skip the Loadmaster

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    I started with Lee Classic Turret Press and dies in 38/357 as that was my first firearm. Ran it as single station until I got confident with the process. Simple to set up and maintain. Has served me well for over 10 years. I load only handgun calibers. Note I reload hundreds across multiple calibers. So turret press is right for me. If it were 1000 per week, then a progressive press more appropriate. I would still suggest start with a turret press and grow from there.

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    I mostly load rifle- .223, but also 9mm (which is generally a waste of time).

    I went with a single stage and so far the output rate works for me, but I only get to shoot once a month or so on long guns and handguns about quarterly.

    I got a nicer press (MEC) and went cheap on several other items. Lee dies and scoops. Lee auto drum measure (just got, but so far it's great). Cheap Amazon digital scale.

    Splurged on creedmoor dies and got Forster sizer and micrometer seater.

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    I did the buy once and cry once. I went with the Dillon square deal B. I always believe in you get what you pay for, therefore I always buy quality anymore. I donít reload rifle so the square deal b was it for me. Been loving mine so smooth and consistent.
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    I bought a RCBS Rockchucker. Only loader I have ever had and it's all I use. I enjoy reloading and don't shoot enough volume to want a progressive loader.

    If I was to buy one, most likely it would be a Dillon 650 or maybe a 550, I'm not really sure.
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    Started on a rcbs reloader special 5 single stage and now also have a dillon 450, square deal, and lee single.
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    I reload for a lot of cartridges, keeping old guns and odd cartridges going been a great experience, but it's like collecting reloading equipment and tools.
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    I started with a Lee turret press, then picked up a RCBS Rockchucker.
    After about 10 years my brother picked up
    a used Dillon 450 which he upgraded to a 550. Then we inherited another 450 that I upgraded to a 550. Then we were given a 650 with all the bells and whistles.
    If I had to do it over, I'd still buy the Lee and Rockchucker but, wouldn't wait as long to get into a Dillon
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    Some forty years ago, I started with a RCBS Rock Chucker. About 17 years ago, I switched to a Redding T-7 turret press. The convenience of leaving the dies set up in the turret makes it simple to load 10 or 100 with no die changes. I use three dies for 9mm and four dies for 45 acp. These are the only cartridges I currently load. It's a hobby that I enjoy and don't crank out more than 200 to 300 rounds a month. Also helps that I am retired and have time available.

    Decide which type of press such as single stage, turret or progressive you want. Buy the best you can afford to begin with.

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