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Thread: Case Tumblers

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    Case Tumblers

    For those you who have been using case tumblers for a while... which one(s) are worth the money?
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    I've had this one for quite some time now and I bought it used. Seems to work well but I have nothing to compare it to.

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    Wet or dry?

    I canít comment on wet, but I have a dry Frankford Arsenal model and a Graf and Sons branded one about the same size. Both in the $40 price range. The FA one is several years old and has been worked hard. Both are loud enough that I run them on a timer while Iím at work.

    As much as Iíd like a big Dillon tumbler, I can have a fleet of these small ones that add up to more capacity for the same money.

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    I have a STM wet tumbler, a Lyman Turbo Tumbler and a sonic cleaner and each one has its plus and minus when it comes to cleaning.

    Wet tumbling will get the cases the cleanest but can peen the case mouths so I trim and deburr after each wet tumbling.

    Vibratory tumblers are the simplest to use but you can have media stuck in the flash holes and a dust problem. I have had three vibratory tumblers and the Lyman I have now cleans faster and better than any type I had before.

    Sonic cleaning will clean the cases very well but the cases will not have the "bling" of wet tumbling with stainless steel media. And sonic cleaning is my prefered cleaning method. I bought a $80.00 clone of the Lyman sonic cleaner on Amazon, and use dishwashing liquid and LemiShine with good results.

    When I use my vibratory tumbler I use untreated pet store lizard litter with Nu Finish car polish.
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    Midnight Rider

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    I use the Frankford Arsenal wet tumbler, mostly without media.
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    FA Wet Tumbler is the bee's knee's. More time involved, but gives fantastically clean brass.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gregkl View Post
    I've had this one for quite some time now and I bought it used. Seems to work well but I have nothing to compare it to.

    I have one very similar. Works well.
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    another one for Frankford Arsenal. It's the only one i've ever had and has cleaned thousands of cases (9mm to 30-06) with both walnut (with nu finish) and treated corn cob. DEFINITELY the most cost effective option (i think they're all of $35!)

    no complaints here. for the extra time involved in wet tumbling and sonic cleaning, I could be competing another step in the reloading process. while i'll admit, nothing comes close to the aesthetics of wet tumbled brass, i'm more of a 'function over form' kinda guy and basically only tumble to get dirt/debris/caked carbon off the old brass.

    I always tumble with primers loaded and never have an issue with pockets getting blocked. That being said, i DID have a run of my 'match' -'06 go through the tumbler without primers, and I just loaded as normal...everything shot and it was all just as accurate as the next/previous batches.

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    I've got a 22 year old Midway vibratory tumbler it's worked fine all these years.
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    I think I'll try the frankford arsenal one, hopefully it will work out fine.

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