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    Quote Originally Posted by HoughMade View Post
    It is. I've had gas-powered trimmers in the past and none powered through the weeds better than this and the best thing- slap the battery in it, squeeze the lever and trigger and it goes- every single time. No flooding and having to take the spark plug out. No clogged air filters or fuel lines. It just works.
    Don't forget quiet and cool as well.

    With the four batteries I have and my quick charger, I never run out of juice either. The quick charger will charge a battery in the time it takes to use one up.
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    Three things:

    1. “Racism...racism everywhere!”

    2. Having a dog kennel, one of the best pooper scoopers is the 8” wide mini leaf rake like they make for kids. Rural King makes a set with one and a good scooper.

    3. I switched from gas to electric on all my small engine stuff, except for my tractor. I use the Menards Masterforce 20v Lithium kit and now have a drill, impact driver, sawzall, circular saw, palm sander, weedeater and leaf blower. Only thing I’m missing is a chainsaw, which they don’t make . I don’t make a living with those tools and if I did I’d go Milwaukee or DeWalt, but they’ve been fantastic.


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