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    When it cools down, what should i do?

    Got 18 years use out of it. Now what should I do?aULW20OR-559663783.jpg
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    Be very thankful it was not worse, then check for pertinent recalls

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    I think it'll buff out.
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    10 minutes before the fire it was next to my equipment barn and animal barn. If it was there when the fire started, the loss would easily been almost 200k
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    1. Quit doing burnouts in your driveway

    2. Take pictures to Chevy dealers and see if they will give you a sympathetic deal for nice new pickup!

    3. Have a story ready about how “Ol Smokey” was the best truck ever!
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    Well, before I saw the picture, I was ready to say put on a sweater when you go to the golf course. Now, see if your insurance agent plays!

    Sorry about the loss. Glad it wasn't worse.
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    I still care....Really
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    Man that sucks butt.
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    I am happy that there was not the collateral damage that could have happened. As an owner of a same generation Suburban I am curious if you have any idea what may have caused it

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    Dude that sucks. Hope everything works out ok

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    Take it to AllenM.

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