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    Quote Originally Posted by OurDee View Post
    I was preasured into moving to Illinois when my plant in Indiana closed in 2005. I lived in Northern Illinois till retirement in 2017. I moved back to Indiana the next day. Only thing better in Illinois was kite flying. I always said it was because Chicago inhaled so hard.
    I wouldn't want to live there, but there are spots in northern Illinois that are gorgeous. The McHenry County area being one of them.

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    Indiana has a budget surplus. We know when to save and know when to spend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Super Bee View Post
    Born and raised here in Fort Wayne, been here nearly the entire time except for a few years back I lived in Columbus Ohio for a while.

    Indiana is not bad, certainly worse places to live. Housing prices are fantastic, low cost of living help make it a nice place to live. My main gripe is actually the weather. The older I get, the more I hate the cold. The last several years we have had no spring. Heck, last week we had snow. . . . in May. The wife and I have seriously talked about moving to the Gulf side of Florida but she loves her job up here and I hate for her to give it up. . . just yet.
    Yea I totally get ya on the weather. I've tried to get my wife to move to Florida every chance I get lol. We have family here In Illinois still, so shes not quite ready for that big of a jump. So we've been looking at areas about an hour or so from were we are now. That's why I had started looking at valpo, but it seems like its leaning to the left a bit, although it may be a bit of an improvement since where I'm from, I'd say the needle is barried in the blue lol.

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    If you voted for any member of your current legislature or any of your current state officials, please stay there. Otherwise, make the move. I left Indiana two years ago and I miss it every day. When I drive home from work I frequently forget I'm not in Indiana. I miss a sane government. I miss having a sane governor. I'm just like everyone else though, I'm glad I don't live in Illinois.
    Everyone should own an Uzi

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    Born and raised in northeast Indiana and love it, my opinion best state in the union, great place to raise a family!!!
    "Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy" Ben Franklin
    "Democracy is 2 wolves and a lamb voting to see what they will have for lunch, Liberty is a well armed lamb contesting the outcome of the vote." - Ben Franklin
    Marbury v. Madison, 5 US 137,(1803) "The Constitution of these United States is the supreme law of the land. Any law that is repugnant to the Constitution is null and void of law."

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    I'm a Chicago transplant too, sort of. Moved to Chicago after I graduated from IU. Worked there for around 40 years, lived on the North Side. Retired(2012) and moved to NE Ind. Can't imagine moving back. Overall, it's a lot cheaper and don't have to worry about the politics.

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    Thanks everyone for all the replies. Very much appreciated

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    2 from NWI
    It has already been said about politics, so I will not pile on.

    I love Indiana. Born in NJ, it is difficult to believe they once fought for freedom. Army in NC for 8 years I stayed there for another 7. We moved here in 89. It is actually a bit more expensive here.

    Quote Originally Posted by deo62 View Post
    Oh yeah, if you move to Indiana, you get blamed for all the firearms that find their way into Chicago!
    Quote Originally Posted by Phase2 View Post
    I'm still trying to figure out why Indiana guns go rogue when someone takes them to Chicago. They aren't nearly as dangerous here...
    Quote Originally Posted by deo62 View Post
    I think they go on Rumspringa.
    Quote Originally Posted by Jps1983 View Post
    Thanks everyone for all the replies. Very much appreciated

    It is the only the Indianapolis guns that go berserk.

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    Indiana is the fifth state Iíve lived in and besides the climate is our favorite. The vehicle registrations here seemed okay compared to KS, NC, and MN. The cost of living here is awesome. The 11 months we lived in MN we were paying 3 times as much for a gallon of milk and housing was outrageous. Even in Hamilton county the cost of living was less than where we lived in NC (Asheville). Plus the politics of the state align with mine.

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    I live on the Indiana side of the state line just north of 74 very rural area right even with Danville Illinois. Real state around here doesnít stay for sale long and itís almost always a young Illinois couple just married or recently with little ones. Seems Illinois, even down state is not family friendly


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