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    Thumbs down yeah for job hunting!

    after 33.5 years at my company (Audubon Printers in Henderson KY) corporate has decided to close the plant! I get to JOB HUNT!!! yeah!...its not like there's any printshops hiring...its not like theres any printshops left!!!

    so at 52, I get to try "new things" for "less pay"...and its not like the economy is booming, and we have record low employment records!

    if anybody wants to say a prayer, it'd be greatly appreciated!

    thanks ingo for listening

    (I do get to work till 7.1)
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    Damn, that sucks shootersix. Prayers up!

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    33.5 years and nothing to show for it! Yes, you have my prayers that you find replacement employment very quickly.

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    Best wishes!

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    Yup, I'll say a prayer for sure. I have been there. Twice. It's not fun. You will be on a roller coaster for emotional highs and lows as you commence on the job hunt.

    But you will prevail and find something. Possibly earning more money.

    Get your resume put together and get a LinkedIn account if you don't have one and post it up and make sure you check the boxes that you are actively looking.

    You might even throw it on Ladders or some other job search sites.

    Network! Let everyone you know that you are looking for something. Yeah, you might have to swallow your pride a touch, but most people now a days don't keep a job for more than 5 years and a LOT of people have been let go for one reason or another.

    There will be more fall out due to Covid19. Some businesses will not survive this. And some may start up in the coming weeks/months only to die later in the year.
    Anything is possible

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    Not sure what his situation is, but I believe mmpsteve here on INGO is in the same business too. Maybe he'd be a good one to contact. I know printcraft is also in the business (duh), but I think he mentioned his business has slowed down during this stuff as well. Still might be good networking contacts.

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    I've been there before also. But for me, it was one of the better things that have happened. Forced me to a new career which after some time, was so much better than before.

    I'll keep you in my prayers.

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    Re: Low unemployment

    At the start of our recent change in the economy, I was talking to the manager of one of the auto part stores and he complained that the low unemployment level made it hard to get many applications--he was almost having to hire pulse-present workers instead of the ones he wanted. Now that there is a larger labor pool, employers will be able to pick and choose and will be looking for people who want to work; I would be very eager to call the number on an application of someone with 30+ years of experience at a single place. Maybe this is a chance to go into a completely new direction (albeit with the change in pay ).

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    Good luck in your job search, prayers sent.

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    Hang in there, and keep a positive outlook. I won't say "all things happen for a reason", but I will say I've been in your shoes. Looking back now years later, I'm glad a job loss led to a complete career change in a more stable job field. Though at the time, it was devastating and depressing causing me to question my own judgement to remain in a job so long that apparently, didn't "need me" anymore.

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