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    Quote Originally Posted by techres View Post

    P.S. And my children have complete faith and confidence that I am ready to burn clothes in the front yard to make a point that they will not forget. Complete faith.
    This I like! Part of the "tension" I mentioned earlier with my daughter involved me going through all her clothes with a trash can in hand to discard of what I disapproved. Didn't go so far as to burn them though. That sure would have made the point stronger.

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    I grew up in the late 50's as a child, and as a young adult in the late 60's, early 70's....

    I grew up with 5 sisters, in a Catholic family, typical, I'm sure , of most of the thinking of the sisters were always trying the limits of what my parents would tolerate as far as dress, and hair styles, social "norms", etc.....

    My daughter was no different, she also "tried" me many times in her days of youth, in the mid 80's and beyond.

    She is still, at 30 +, a hard nut to crack, headstrong and opinionated to the nines...

    As for the vid I cannot be allowed to view here ( I saw a vid with small girls dancing to a soundtrack of somebody supposedly talented) , is it the one that the little girls are dancing to a Lady Gaga , or maybe Beyounce song ?

    The kids are talented, the choreography excellent, the age, inappropriate...

    California parents, mebbe ?

    I am out.....

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