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Thread: Wadcutters

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    Are wadcutters suitable for self defense?

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    Not optimal, but I used to run 158 fr lead semi-wadcutters in my .38. Way better advancements in bullet tech these days to use them.

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    In the long-ago days of my youth in law enforcement a hollow-based wadcutter loaded upside down with the cavity forward was considered a deadly self-defense load.
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    The PD that issued ammo to me never even slightly considered WC normal or reversed to be acceptable self defense ammo.
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    I don't want to get shot with anything with a flat nose. I've seen what a flat meplat does to squirrels. I bet they would work fine in a revolver. Might not feed well in the avg auto pistol.
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    Wadcutters are one of my favorite self-defense loads for lightweight, short barreled revolvers.
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    Better than LRN

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    Good, no. Better than RN, yes. It came about with low power/recoil revolver rounds that didn't have enough velocity to open up hollow points.

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