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    Quote Originally Posted by Denny347 View Post
    Don't rely on the WAY outdated Continuum to judge force and I'm not sure there is a definitive answer for OC use in Indiana.
    Right, which is why I'd like to hear the definitive answer! The intent of my post was meant to be a, "some say this, some say that," sort of thing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CampingJosh View Post
    I've heard this opinion numerous times in regards to pepper spray and tasers, but we all seem to be fine carrying pistols without any expectation that we've experienced the effects.

    I guess I'm not sure what the point would be.
    Getting sprayed yourself is strongly encouraged. If you carry spray and use spray, you WILL get a facefull of your own stuff. Don't let the first time you experience the full effects be the time your safety is at risk.
    On the other side of fear lies freedom.

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    Quote Originally Posted by K_W View Post
    I was just considering the same thing. With the rise in violence against drivers by political rioters, I'm considering carrying pepper spray in my car to spray out the sunroof if ever surrounded by agitators. I hate that I've even had to ponder the thought.

    Under Indiana stand-your-ground laws if rioters are surrounding and beating on my occupied motor vehicle I am permitted to use reasonable force, I believe pepper spray is minimal yet effective reasonable force.
    You get the idea of the original post.
    The point was not all the stuff that can go wrong with spray, most of us are smart enough to figure that one out.
    Guess you might be left with some sort of "hey get out of my face" situation and when would using some limited force be reasonable it they were just "in your face"?
    Maybe we will get some intelligent responses to that concept.

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