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    Where did you order the Steel Match from?
    "'Gun guys' can find a way to get butthurt about just about anything."

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    Good ol' Cabelas. I had giftcards, reward points, and rebates and had to pay a couple buck out of pocket.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brassman65 View Post
    So is it time to start hoarding batteries? Quick does anyone know a guy at the autozone? I could stock up on those cheapo duralast batteries and make a killing. Sell a duralast and buy 5 optima's with the profits

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    I said last summer that prices would start to fall in late 2013 and return to normal by spring 2014. That seems to be right on schedule.

    The only thing that will hurt us is the republicans losing the House in the fall election. While it seems impossible, if we think that it can't happen then it will. For the most part the republicans are still being encouraged to fight among themselves. And the democrats are using every resource that they have to get out their voters.

    That is what happened in 2012. The democrats allowed us to believe that it was in the bag, got our expectations up for an easy win. Then got us fighting. At the same time they had a low key get out the vote campaign going that used very little media (thus we heard nothing about it and assumed that the democrats were doing nothing). We got defeated even if it was only by 1%.

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    I have Federal Game Shok 22 Long Rifle 38 Grain Copper Plated Hollow Point Case of 5000 (100 Boxes of 50) on order from TargetsportsUSA since 1-4-13. At .06 a round. Have not been charged for it yet. And Targetsports stated I will get my order at that price when it comes in. I check in monthly with them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ruffnek View Post
    Considering that America's last lead smelter was closed down a while back,I'd be surprised if .22 ever reached the same good prices again.I'm just going to be laughing when everyone does what I did and ditches the caliber altogether.Take that hoarders!

    Yeah, the Doe Run Plant closing is actually not a big deal. As conspiracy theorists, Ammo flippers etc would have you believe...

    Look Here: Sierra Responds: How Will the Closure of the Lead Smelting Plant Affect Sierra Bullets? | Sierra Bullets

    Now the Fema Death Camps and coffins. Those are totally real!
    Originally Posted by BehindBlueI's
    Do kids still play Cops and Robbers, or are they just taught both are equally bad and given a participation ribbon after a rousing game of scoreless Everyone's a Winner Ball?

    NRA Life Member/Basenji Dad

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    Dont get me wrong, I dont like the idea of another US facility being shut down, to be replaced by foreigners, who dont have to abide by the same regulations. But it has nothing to do with the lack of 22.

    Theres not even a shortage, theres actually a much larger amount of 22 ammo being produced these days. The problem is the demand. Its insane, and YOU are the cause.

    Settle the hell down, and go back to the demand we had a couple years ago on 22 ammo, and you will be tripping over it in every retailer you frequent.

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    Ordered some of my favorite sierra bullets for my 30-30 loads in march of 2013......still on back order.....

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    Your avatar made me LOL.

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    I saw some some .22 at Plainfield Shooting Supplies a couple days ago. I don't have a .22 but might get one if the scare is really over.

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